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To receive a prompt reply to your below request --
You MUST confirm you have US$500,000 or more (plus expenses) to offer an artist.
   2. You must indicate an interest in hiring a SPECIFIC artist to participate in ANY of the below projects/events, or to participate in ANY SIMILAR project that offers significant financial compensation to the artist.
       a. to participate in the production of a movie/film/video/game, or product commercial
          (such as acting, voice-overs, directing, singing, writing a song or songs, etc), or
       b. to participate in a musical recording (such as a collaboration), or publishing project, or
       c. to participate in a webcast or podcast or similar Internet-based marketing or broadcast, or
       d. to be a spokesperson for a product, company or organization, or
       e. to endorse a product, brand name, line of clothing, line of cosmetics, etc., or
       f. to participate in the publication of a book or magazine, such as interview, auto-biography, cookbook, etc., or
       g. to star in a television or radio program or series, such as talk-show, sit-com, reality show, or
       h. to guest in a television show, make a cameo appearance in a movie or TV show, be a celebrity judge, etc., or
       i. to star or participate in a theatrical stage play, or
       k. to make a personal appearance at a VIP gathering/party without performing a show, and
   3. You are currently financially prepared to make and guarantee such an offer,
   4. You can provide a telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours,
   5. You can provide a valid e-mail address that you check regularly, and
   6. This does NOT involve a request for a non-compensated guest appearance or "invitation", and
   7. This does NOT involve a request for the artist to make a financial investment.
(If one or more of the above is not true, start over.  Click HERE.)

You must provide a correct/valid e-mail address to receive our reply.  Please enter your address carefully.
We will only use your e-mail address to correspond with you regarding your specified needs.

We do not put your address on a marketing mail list.
We never sell, distribute or use e-mail addresses for mass marketing. We are very anti-spam.

Continuously typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is commonly considered TEXT SHOUTING at the reader -- and is much more difficult to read.
We respectfully ask that you please do not SHOUT. Release the "Caps Lock" key on your keyboard.  Thank you for this consideration.

Prior to receiving service, you will need to provide information about your event using the below, easy-to-use form.

In most cases, you will receive a quick response via e-mail. So, please ensure that your e-mail address is correct. Submit your request and then, after a reasonable period of time, check your mail IN BOX for a response. (If not found, remember to check your JUNK or SPAM mailbox.)

The below form is not a contract and does not constitute an obligation. It is simply a means for you to submit/request information.  In other words, it is an information request form.

Minimum budget requirement for this form: a guarantee of US$500 000 or more, with an additional budget for artist's expenses/costs, residuals, royalties, etc.

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION  (used only to communicate with you regarding your project) --
Your full name:
   First and last name required.
   If applicable.
Your primary e-mail address:
   Should be in the form of "xxxx@yyyy.zzz".

Check for errors.
Re-type primary e-mail address:
   Address entries should match.

Check for errors.

Alternate e-mail address:
   Optional, but recommended
   Do NOT enter primary address here.

Secondary only. NOT primary.
Alternate/secondary e-mail address.
Check for errors.

Your telephone number(s):
   Required. Your direct daytime number.
   International customers should include Country Code.
Format: 000  000  0000
Primary/preferred telephone number.
Please label as office, home, cell, etc.
Telephone extension number:
   If applicable.
Time zone for this telephone number:
  We use this to determine appropriate time to call.
Pacific   Mountain   Central   Eastern
Hawaiian Other/Unknown
Not in North America
Best time of day to call:
   To discuss your needs for your event.
   Not required if located outside of North America.
Alternate telephone number(s):
   Optional, but recommended.
   International customers should include Country Code.
   Alternate/secondary phone ONLY.
   Do NOT enter primary number here.
Format: 000  000  0000

Secondary/alternate telephone number.
Please label as office, home, cell, assistant, etc.
Best time of day to call this alternate number:
   Not required if located outside of North America.
Date(s) needed for the artist's services:
   If exact date is not known, then what month, or year?
   Expected start date and finish date, if known.
City, State/Province and Country
   Where services are to be performed, if known:
Name(s) of artist(s) of special interest:
   Your interest must be in a specific artist, or
     a short list of specific artists of interest.
     (This is required.)

   If the artist you want is not available for your date
     or your budget, and you want to consider alternative
     names, enter the names of possible interest.
What figure or price range is your talent fee budget for this artist? Entering a figure here does NOT obligate you. However, you should be serious and this should be a realistic figure for your plans.
Minimum entry figure: $500 000 USD.

Many major names will require MUCH more
than this minimum figure -- such as $1M-$10M and up.

    Non-numerical entries cannot be considered.
    Do not enter any of the following:
    "tbd" or "to be discussed" or "will discuss"
    "open" or "negotiable"
    "it depends"
    "what does the artist want?"
    "you tell me"
    "no budget"
    "unknown" or "don't know" or "???"
    "call me", or other similar non-numerical entries.

     Any such entry will be rejected automatically.

Format: 500 000

Talent fee budget for a SINGLE artist or group
     -- in U.S. dollars.
Please do NOT submit UNTRUE information.
   If your budget is not $500 000 or more,
      do not claim it is, and do not use this form.
   This should not include your budget for expenses
   and should not include "projections" of income from
   "residuals, future sales, publishing rights, etc.".
   This entry does not constitute a formal offer.

   Please confirm the above budget figure is correct.
   This means you or your people have this amount readily available.
This is correct.      X  This is not correct.

    Your entry should be a US dollar figure or range.
    The above entry includes...
   a dollar figure or range   only words

    Your entry should be equal to $500k USD or more.
    The above budget level figure entry is...
$500k or more     X  Less than $500k

    Any amount less than $500 000 is not sufficient.
    An entry phrase of "$500 000 or less"
      is not acceptable.
    Entries such as "$1 000 000 or more", or
      "$2 000 000-$3 000 000" are acceptable.


Although, this form is not a formal offer, it is expected that the submitter is financially prepared to move forward with an offer of an amount equal to the budget figure entered. All offers related to this section will need to be guaranteed by a binder of 15% or more. Please confirm that you are currently financially able to move forward with this.     Do you confirm that the above indicated budget
    currently exists and that a minimum of 15%
    is currently available
for the
    required good faith binder?
    Yes, and we have 15% or more for the binder.     
          (For more information, click here.)

    I/We understand that we must provide a
    good-faith financial binder before an offer
    is presented to management for consideration.
    (A selection is required.)
    Yes   No   Do not understand

    Please do not proceed if you do not have the budget
    in the amount you have entered above.
    A good-faith binder will be required BEFORE
    anything is done.

Although several categories might be involved, choose the one that BEST describes your projected use of this artist's services:
  film/movie   commercial  television  musical recordings  Internet
  print media (publishing/advertising/book/magazine/etc.)   VIP party appearance
  Other  Multiple
Note: If you are primarily interested in booking entertainment for a public concert, festival or a private/corporate party, you might be in the wrong place using the wrong form.
Start over:   Click HERE

Tell us about your plans and/or your project.
(This is required.)

What do you have in mind for the Artist?

What is required?

What is requested - but not necessarily required?

How will the artist be financially compensated?

Please provide a brief history or resume' of the buyer's experience or credits.
(This is required.)
If left blank, we will assume no prior experience.

If applicable,
this should include credits regarding --
  the producer(s),
  the director,
  the distribution company
  How experienced is the buyer in this field?
Please provide web site addresses that tell us who you are or who your company is.
(This is required.)

Also, list any significantly known business/industry professionals who might have a good word or two to say about you - and how we can contact them.


If you entered a talent fee budget figure of less than $500 000 USD, or you are primarily seeking to pay the artist less than $500 000 USD, stop. Please do not continue. We are unable to provide you with the services you seek -- and we sincerely wish you success as you seek services elsewhere.

The below statement asks you to confirm your budget figure entry. Clicking YES means confirmation.

Do you confirm that your above talent-fee budget figure entry to pay the artist is $500 000 or more and that you have a separate/additional budget to cover expenses and extra costs?
NO -- Our talent fee budget is less than $500 000. I will go elsewhere.  

            (Click on this "Not sufficient" link.)  >>    

Not sufficient. (Less than $500 000)
YES -- Our above entry for talent-fee budget figure is $500 000 or more.
          Our actual talent fee budget is $500 000 or more.
             (Submit this form by clicking this YES button.)    >>
Please do NOT submit a FALSE confirmation.

                 (Click to SUBMIT)

This means 500 thousand US dollars.


Prior to providing service, we do require information about your event using this simple on-line form.

In most cases, you will receive a quick response by telephone and/or e-mail. So, PLEASE ensure that your telephone number is direct to you (not voice mail) and that your e-mail address information is correct. Submit your inquiry and then, after a reasonable period of time, check your mail for a response.

How quickly can you expect a response? During regular business hours, typically within 30 minutes.

We do not take information over the telephone nor do we provide information over the telephone, until we have this requested information. Once e-mail communication is established, our telephone number is provided to you.

If your budget is less than the posted minimum amount, we are unable provide any service or assistance.

We do not send unsolicited mail and do not send mass marketing e-mails. (We are very anti-spam.) We only ask for this information so that we can communicate with and serve you more efficiently.

This information is required. Unfortunately, services can not be provided without receipt of this information. Typically, response to a submitted request is by e-mail.

Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.

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