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         To pay talent to attend a private business meeting in U.S.

United States or Puerto Rico - Private Business Meeting Request

The below form can be used to submit an offer to pay an artist or celebrity for his/her time to attend a PRIVATE meeting occurring in United States or Puerto Rico to discuss business.
This is for Artist attendance, only. No artistic performance of any kind by the Artist is to be expected.
No obligation by the artist is to be expected or demanded, beyond attending the meeting.
This is for BUSINESS only. This is not for a social "event" or "party", or corporate event.

If your budget is less than US$100,000, do not use this form.


PLEASE READ prior to proceeding.

Hereinafter, the term "Artist" shall mean an individual entertainer, a group (such as a band), or the appropriate manager.

Do you have a business idea or request you want the artist to consider?

You are invited to sit down one-on-one with the artist or his manager to discuss the opportunity in a business meeting setting.

This is for BUSINESS purposes only. Unfortunately, this is not for a social "gathering" or "party", or corporate event.

This will be your opportunity to present your proposal/ideas directly to the artist, or if you prefer, his manager.

You only pay for the artist's time and any expenses. There will be no "performance production" costs, since this will be an off-stage, non-performance meeting. (No musical performance or comedy or "interview" or panel discussion.)

In simplest terms, you will be paying the Artist for his/her time to attend a sit-down meeting with you to discuss your business ideas, not to entertain or mingle with attendees.
A typical meeting setting might be where only one or two persons are presenting a business opportunity to the artist or manager.
You are expected to limit attendance, for example, a maximum of six persons in your group.

Beyond the meeting, further involvement by the artist will be at the Artist's discretion based on the impact your presentation has on the Artist's interest.

To begin this process, you are invited to submit a Letter of Intent to declare that you are serious, and you are financially prepared to proceed with this proposed meeting.

Minimum budget requirement for your offer: US$100,000, or more.
Please note: Major name artists might require much more than this indicated minimum for your sit-down meeting.

If you are ready to commit and ready to submit a formal offer of US$100,000, or more, continue reading.

If not, return to the previous page, or press HOME.


Generally, we suggest you let the Artist select the city, venue, date, and time of the meeting -- with you traveling to the meeting.
If you prefer the Artist come to you, be prepared to offer payment for his travel, lodging, security, meals and other related expenses.

Generally, we suggest that the meeting last no more than 60 minutes. However, if your presentation requires more time, indicate so, below.

Submit your request with this Letter of Intent offer form.

Presenting an offer is giving your word that you are serious and that you will honor the terms you enter here.


This is a Letter of Intent Offer
to hire an artist for a non-performance personal appearance
to attend a private business meeting to discuss business - not to entertain.

All offers MUST be backed by a 20% refundable good-faith financial binder.
Note: Please do NOT use this form if you do not actually have the funds you are offering.


Purchaser's (full) name:

Is this a full name, such as first and last name?

Purchaser's telephone number:
(If not in U.S., include country code)

Name of country where this number originates:

Purchaser's email:

Retype email:

Do they match?

Please provide alternative methods of contacting you, such as alternative email address, alternative phone number, etc.
How else might we be able to reach you?
You are in what time zone, or city?
When might be the best time to reach you by phone?


1. I have decided to hire the below-named artist to attend a business meeting to discuss business.
2. I am serious about this decision.
3. I am financially prepared (and have approval) to proceed immediately.
4. I do have direct control of the necessary funds.
5. I am prepared to immediately submit a 20% good-faith financial binder to guarantee this offer is real.
6. This meeting will NOT be advertised or promoted in any way, including any announcement on social media.
7. This meeting will NOT be recorded in any manner.


Artist is to attend a business meeting with Buyer
and listen to (or discuss) a business proposal/opportunity presented by the Buyer.

Duration of meeting not to exceed one (1) hour.

This offer requires no further obligation of Artist beyond attending this meeting.

Your declaration/offer:
We have decided to hire the below-named artist
to attend a business meeting and
we are ready now to proceed to the next step.
We are financially prepared to offer the following --  

Name of artist:

U.S. $ amount offered
(Must be: 100,000, or more):

I confirm the above figure meets or exceeds the minimum requirement of US$100,000.

Date options (or date range) this service is to be performed:

(Example: A mutually acceptable date within next 1-8 weeks)

Estimated attendance:

Read the options below. Then, select A, B, or C.
is to select city, venue, date and time (with Buyer's approval) --
Artist shall be responsible for all/any of his own expenses, including --   
City and State in which these services are to be performed: to be selected by Artist
Venue name: to be determined by Artist
Date and time: to be determined by Artist

is to select city, venue, date and time (with Artist's approval) --
Buyer will be responsible for all/any of his Artist's expenses, including but not limited to --
City and State in which these services are to be performed: to be selected by Buyer
Venue name: to be determined by Buyer
Date and time: to be determined by Buyer

C) Other (Please describe).

Comments -

Provide a brief summary of the Purpose of Meeting:
   In this Comments box, briefly indicate the purpose of the proposed meeting. For example: to present a (to be discussed) business opportunity, to discuss a possible collaboration with artist, to discuss real estate investment or purchase, to discuss fine art investment, to discuss participation in a film or a stage play, to discuss writing a book, etc.
In this "Comments" box, insert your comments or questions.
Details are not necessary. However, we must have assurance that the purpose of your proposed meeting is appropriate for this form. The purpose of the meeting must be related to discussing business.




The below statements are asking you to confirm you understand the purpose of this request form.

I understand that the submission of information on this form is a declaration of my intent.

I understand and agree that my request is for a "sit-down" meeting with the artist to discuss business.

I understand I will be paying for the artist's time, not for a performance.



The below question asks you to confirm your budget is sufficient for this form. Clicking YES means confirmation.

Do you confirm that your budget to pay the artist to attend this meeting is $100,000 or more?

NO --
Our budget is less than $100,000.

Not sufficient.
(Less than $100,000)


YES --
Our budget is $100,000 or more, and
this is for a business meeting request.

YES. It is $100,000 or more.
(Submit by clicking)


Typically, you will receive a quick response by telephone and/or e-mail. So, please ensure that your e-mail address is correct.

How soon can you expect a response? We strive to respond quickly via e-mail or telephone -- often, within 30 minutes.

This requested information is needed before we can discuss your request.

Unfortunately, if your budget is less than the minimum amount posted above, we are unable provide any service or assistance.

Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.

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