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     BUYER'S INPUT FORM - PRIVATE - SWEET 16 or YOUTH PARTY - BUYER/PARENT - To inquire about hiring major talent for a juvenile's party.   **

For talent fee budgets of $50,000 or more.

Complete and submit the below information-request form if all of the following are true
   1. The party will take place in the United States (or Puerto Rico),
   2. Your budget to pay an entertainer is $50,000 or more, and you have a separate budget for the artist's expenses,
   3. You can provide a telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours,
   4. You can provide a valid e-mail address that you check regularly, and
   5. You are the person (or one of the persons) responsible for paying for the entertainment. (You are the BUYER.)
(If one or more of the above is not true, Click HERE.)

We are required to talk briefly with the person who is expected to pay for the entertainment (i.e., the "PARENT" as defined on the previous page) - to verify that this is a serious information request. Please enter a valid telephone number where you can be reached during the day - without the need to leave a recorded message.

If you plan to advertise/promote and open the artist's performance to the general public, click HERE.

We will only use your e-mail address to correspond with you regarding your specified needs.

We do not put your address on a marketing mail list.
We never sell, distribute or use e-mail addresses for mass marketing. We are very anti-spam.
You must provide a correct/valid e-mail address to receive our reply.  Please type your address carefully.
The below form is not a contract and does not constitute an obligation. It is simply a means for you to request information.

Continuously typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is considered SHOUTING at the reader - and is much more difficult to read.
Be kind to us.  Please do not SHOUT.  Release the "Caps Lock" key on your keyboard.  Thank you for this consideration.

Most users will be able to use their keyboard "Tab" key to navigate this form.

ATTENTION: Guest-of-Honor --
If you are the Guest-of-Honor, do NOT use this form pretending to be your PARENT. Submitting false information can permanently prevent you from getting the artist you want. Use the proper form, the Guest-of-Honor form. Click HERE.

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION  (used only to communicate with you regarding your event) --
Your name:
   First and last name of the person entering information.
   If you are not the buyer, do not use this form.
   If you are the guest of honor, click here.
   If you are simply a friend or an employee
      of the Buyer, click here.
Your primary e-mail address:
   Must be in the form of "name@isp.domain".

Check for errors. Address must be valid.
Re-type primary e-mail address:
    Address entries should match.

Check for errors. Address entries should match.
Alternate e-mail address:
   Optional, but recommended.

Alternate/secondary e-mail address.
Check for errors. Address must be valid.
Your telephone number(s):
   Required. Your direct daytime number.
   We may call to discuss your needs.
   Customers who can be reached directly, without voice
     mail, are given higher priority.
Format: 000 000 0000
Primary/preferred telephone number.
Please label as office, home, cell, etc.
Telephone extension number:
   If applicable.
Time zone for this telephone number:
  We use this to determine appropriate time to call.
Pacific   Mountain   Central   Eastern
Hawaiian Other/Unknown
Best time of day to call:
   To discuss your needs regarding your event.
Alternate telephone number(s):
   Optional, but recommended.
Format: 000 000 0000
Please label as office, home, cell, assistant, etc.
Best time of day to call this alternate number:
Are you the buyer?
  The person, or one of the persons, paying for the artist(s)?
  If not, click HERE.
Yes No Other
For future contract purposes, we must ask this:
  Are you currently over the age of 21?
Yes No Age 21 now
Name of the Guest of Honor:
  The party is for whom?
Your relationship to the Guest of Honor:
   Mom, Dad, Grand-parent, aunt, uncle, etc.
Guest-of-Honor current age and
   his/her age on the date of the party:
Current age  
Age on date of party
Date(s) of your event(s):
   If exact date is not known, then what month, or year?
City and State of your event(s) in the USA:
   If known.
      Is the above indicated city located
         either in the U.S. or Puerto Rico?
Yes      No
Name of your venue(s):
   The "place" of the performance, if known.
Attendance estimate:
   How many people are expected?
Party type: Sweet 16  Sweet 18  21st Birthday  Bar Mitzvah  Bat Mitzvah  Graduation  Quinceañera  Other Special Occasion or Birthday

Will the artist's performance be open to the general public?  No      Yes

What type of entertainment do you seek?
   Example: music, comedy, magic...
If music, what style / genre do you prefer?
   Example: Hip Hop, Pop/Rock, Alt. Rock, Country, etc.
Name(s) of artist(s) of special interest:
   If you are interested in a specific artist or
   if you have a short list of specific artists of interest.
If you are seeking only a non-performance personal appearance, check here:
  Non-performance personal appearance
If checked, please provide information in the below "Comments" section.
For more information, click: Quick Tip
What price range of talent do you want to consider?
In other words, what is your comfortable budget or budget range to pay a SINGLE artist/group?

Fees (for a recognizable name artist) can range from $50,000 to more than $1,000,000.

  1. Accuracy is important. An understanding of your talent fee budget allows us to provide faster service for you. Recommendations will be based on your indicated affordability. We do not discuss artists whose fees are greater than what you indicate here.
      For example, if you enter only $50,000, we will assume this is accurate and that your budget will not afford a $100,000 artist.
  2. If you are seeking a list of artists within a price range, indicate the range.  For example, $100,000-150,000.
Fees for major names can be $100,000 to $500,000 or more.

    Format: 50000
Only numbers.

Talent fee budget for a SINGLE artist or group
      for a single performance, in U.S. dollars.
   This figure should reflect your ACTUAL budget
      and must be $50,000 or more.
   Enter the "talent fee" portion of your budget, not
      the total budget for entertainment costs.

    Non-numerical entries cannot be considered.
    Do not enter any of the following:
    "tbd" or "to be discussed" or "will discuss"
    "open" or "negotiable"
    "it depends"
    "unknown" or "don't know" or "???"
    "call me"
     or other similar, non-numerical entries.

    Is the above an actual numerical figure or range?
    Example: $50,000, or $75,000-$100,000
   Yes      No

    Is the above entry displaying (or suggesting) any
    dollar figure less than $50,000?
    Example: $25,000-$50,000, or $50,000 or less
Yes     No

VIP Status:
In the above entry, if you entered $250,000 ($1/4 million) or more to pay the fee for a single artist for a single performance, you are entitled to special V.I.P. service and attention.
(Do NOT select VIP, if you entered a "talent fee" budget figure of less than $250,000.)   ---
   V.I.P. Yes, in the above budget section, I entered a figure of $250,000 or more.
         My budget for talent fee for a single artist is $250,000 or more. I have additional funds for expenses.
   No, my talent-fee budget is less than $250,000.
If you are seeking multiple artists, indicate your total comfortable budget for all talent fees.
   For example, "$500,000 for four artists."

The following two answers are optional. If unsure, leave unselected. --

Artists require sound, lighting, staging and sometimes backline (instruments and stage equipment). If the option is available, are you interested in discussing how these requirements can be provided for you?
   Yes     No

If the option is available, are you interested in considering a complete "turn-key" performance being provided for you? This means for one price we would take care of the artist's fee, travel, lodging, meals, etc., and all of the above technical requirements.
   Yes      No
Note: Turn-key quotes are determined and provided only after consultation with you.

What are your questions, requests or comments?
Tell us about your event(s)
or what you have in mind.


If you entered a budget figure of less than $50,000 for the talent fee, stop. If your budget to pay a single artist or group is less than $50,000, please do not use this form.
   Instead, click HERE.

Note: This does NOT suggest that you can get a major name artist for as little as $50,000.
Fees for a personal appearance by a major name can be as high as $100,000 to $500,000 or more.

The below statement asks you to confirm your budget figure entry. Clicking YES means confirmation.

Do you confirm that your above talent-fee budget entry to pay the artist is $50,000 or more – and that you have a separate/additional budget to cover expenses?
NO -- Our budget is less than $50,000..  

   (Click on this "Not sufficient" link.)  >>    

Not sufficient. (Less than $50,000)
             (Click this link if less than $50k.)
If YES --
click this SUBMIT button >>

                                            (Click to SUBMIT)


Prior to providing service, we do require information about your event using this simple on-line form.

In most cases, you will receive a quick response by telephone and/or e-mail. So, PLEASE make sure that your telephone number is direct to you (not voice mail) and that your e-mail address is accurate. Submit your inquiry and then, after a reasonable period of time, check your mail for a response.

How quickly can you expect a response? During regular business hours, typically within 30 minutes.

We do not take information over the telephone nor do we provide information over the telephone, until we have this requested information. Once e-mail communication is established, our telephone number is provided to you.

If your budget is less than the minimum amount that we require, we are unable provide the "Sweet-16" service or assistance. However, we do have other options available for less than $50,000. Click HERE.

We do not send unsolicited mail and do not send mass marketing e-mails. (We are very anti-spam.) We only ask for this information so that we can communicate with and serve you more efficiently.

Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.

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