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How To Book THE PASSING ZONE For Your Event!

The Passing Zone may be available for your next special event!

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information

The Passing Zone

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information

What makes The Passing Zone so special, you ask?

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information   They have set FOUR Guinness World Records. They have been GOLD MEDALISTS for FIVE consecutive years at the International Juggling Championships!

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information   In addition to their award-winning juggling skills, this show is funny! Really funny. Just ask Johnny Carson, who repeatedly invited them to appear on The Tonight Show. They even made Prince Charles laugh, at the Royal Command Performance in London.

These two guys are taking the art of juggling to new heights, shattering the preconception that jugglers belong in a circus. After seeing their show, you may for the first time become a true fan of juggling!

Headlining many of America's hottest comedy clubs, from L.A. to New York, this is one of the most sought-after comedy acts in the nation.

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information   Their non-stop humor not only surprises audiences, but has them doubled over, wiping tears from their eyes. Funny, classy and entertaining, Jon Wee and Owen Morse are a huge hit with audiences everywhere.

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information   Just when you thought it was safe to plié... The Passing Zone introduces "The Chainsaw Ballet." This unique and daring comedy number offers the perfect blend of fluid beauty and spine-tingling terror. Join us in a world where the dangerous meets the absurd, and where the boundaries between silk tights and roaring power tools begin to blur. It's Baryshnikov meets Bob Vila!

Jon and Owen explore their delicate feminine side without losing touch with their fascination for loud, exhaust-spewing machinery.

To the haunting strains of Strauss' "On the Beautiful Blue Danube," the two dancers appear. They are graceful. Sort of. They are beautiful. At certain moments. The room is filled with the drama of a ballet production, as Jon and Owen twirl, dance, and tempt fate. The choreography culminates with the heart-pounding climax where three saws, engines roaring, are being hurled between them. This entertaining new work must be seen to be believed.

  Passing Zone, Comedy Jugglers -- booking information   The Passing Zone now juggles people!

That's right! Three volunteers from the audience (maybe upper management, employees, or your customers) are sent flying through the air in seemingly impossible patterns, to the audience's screams of delight. Three recruits become the stars of the show! National heroes. Jugglenauts!

Nothing like this has ever been done before. It is unique, ground-breaking, hilarious and it is what makes The Passing Zone the only choice for high-impact, out-of-this-world entertainment. Surrender to the cosmos, and watch your people fly!

This piece can be performed anywhere with adequate space. It uses a freestanding rigging structure that does not need to be attached to anything. While seemingly death-defying, this piece is not dangerous.

If you are looking for laughter and fun, this is a sure thing!

You've heard of key-note speakers, but key-note jugglers?

The best Keynote Speakers do a lot more than just present a meaningful and informative message, They act as a springboard to launch your imagination, expand your perception and open new doors to possibility.

Jon and Owen do that. And they do it in ways you have to see to believe. Juggling is the perfect metaphor to describe what people do in their work day and how they balance life's many demands. And these guys know about teamwork, learning from mistakes, and reaching goals.

The Passing Zone
may be available for your next special event!

Booking The Passing Zone

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What Others Say About ...
The Passing Zone

Johnny Carson:


Caesar's Palace Entertainment:

"The Passing Zone was very well received. They were very professional and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to having them back in the near future."

Allan Bregman, President

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales:

"Very clever, although I'm glad I wasn't sitting in the front row!"

Mid-America Festivals, Corp:

"It's often difficult to find entertainers with top-rated skills who have the ability to present an appealing and entertaining show. This is not the case with The Passing Zone, for their superb juggling skills are secondary only to their stage presence and energetic show."

Los Angeles Clippers:

"First rate! The Passing Zone's act is polished and professional. They are a pleasure to work with!"


"The Passing Zone is the most exciting entertainment we've experienced. They are a real crowd-pleaser."

Luther College:

"After receiving three standing ovations, it must have been apparent to you that your performance was far in excess of stupendous! Perhaps the most incredible aspect of your show is your ability to continue the off-the-cuff humor even when in the midst of an obviously dangerous stunt."

Juggler's World Magazine:

"The Chainsaw Ballet is the most outrageously funny performance I have ever seen... what a creation it is!"

BroMenn Healthcare:

"Jon and Owen look great in tights! Our employees and families jumped to their feet in a thunderous standing ovation!"

Williamette University:

"The combination of gut-wrenching suspense during the chainsaw juggling and side-aching comedy kept the crowd in stitches the entire performance."

Weber State University:

"The show was super! People are still talking about the 'Chainsaw Ballet'."


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Based: ..in California

Booking information
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