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Improve your search results when searching for a city or state name in the U.S.

On this site, names of cities and states in U.S. have special formatting for improved search results.
  Click the "Better" link for to see the better format.

Poor results Better results
For city names:  
New York NY
The Bronx NY
Washington DC, or Washington, D.C. Better
Saint Joseph MO
Saint Louis MO
Saint Paul MN
Saint Petersburg FL
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Ft. Myers FL
Ft. Washington MD
Ft. Wayne IN
Ft. Worth TX
Mt. Kisco NY
Mt. Laurel NJ
Mt. Prospect IL
Mt. Vernon NY
For state names:  
Poor results.  
in California
in New York
in Alabama
in Alaska
in Arizona
in Arkansas
in Colorado
in Connecticut
in Delaware
in District of Columbia
in Florida
in Georgia
in Hawaii
in Idaho
in Illinois
in Indiana
in Iowa
in Kansas
in Kentucky
in Louisiana
in Maine
in Maryland
in Massachusetts
in Michigan
in Minnesota
in Mississippi
in Missouri
in Montana
in Nebraska
in Nevada
in New Hampshire
in New Jersey
in New Mexico
in New York
in North Carolina
in North Dakota
in Ohio
in Oklahoma
in Oregon
in Pennsylvania
in Puerto Rico
in Rhode Island
in South Carolina
in South Dakota
in Tennessee
in Texas
in Utah
in Vermont
in Virginia
in Washington DC
in Washington state
in West Virginia
in Wisconsin
in Wyoming



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