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Printing pages on this site

To print a copy of your favorite artist's pages --
Some of the pages on this site still have our old formatting of dark background with yellow text. Printing a page that has a dark background and yellow text can result in a difficult-to-read copy. Therefore, we have created separate, "printer-friendly" pages for the artists profiled on this site.

Go to the HOME (primary) page of the artist of your choice (the title bar will show the artist's name in ALL CAPS). Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the notice saying "Do you need to print copies? For a special page designed for printing or e-mailing, click here." Click on the link to go to the printer-friendly page. On your browser's tool bar, click FILE, then PRINT.

Most "roster" pages (list of artists) have associated printer-friendly pages, also.

If you need to print pages that are not specifically printer-friendly, the following can be helpful. (This is for newer browsers.)

Netscape users: From your browser window, on the tool bar select the following in this sequence:
Page Setup

Check the following: 
    Black text
    Black lines

    Print background

(Click okay.)

Internet Explorer (4.x and 6.x) users: From your browser window, select the following in this sequence:
View  (I.E. 4.x) or Tools  (I.E. 5.x-6.x)
Internet Options

Then scroll down to the printing option. Make sure that the box labeled "Print background colors and images" is NOT selected.

(Click okay.)

Helpful tip for Internet Explorer users: Prior to printing, set your browser's text viewing size to smaller or smallest. This can reduce the number of pages required to print. Of course, the output text size will be smaller than normal.


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