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Michele LaFong may be available for your next special event!

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Michele LaFong

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Michele LaFong has been making headlines in the United States for years. Asked when she first realized she was funny, Michele answered, "I've been clowning around since day one. I've been thrown out of every school I ever went to. I just wasn't student material and could never conform as an adult. I lost lots of jobs too, as a rock-n-roll drummer, a bartender and a hairdresser. I lost jobs I didn't even have!"

In 1996, LaFong's career crossed paths with a childhood dream when she was invited to appear on the Tribute to Seņor Wences on his 100th Birthday Tour. The 102 year old international treasure is most famous for his numerous appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. The original characters Johnny, the lipstick hand puppet, and Pedro, that head in a box, is what Wences created that became household names during the 1960's. Michele recalls, "The first thing I thought of when I was asked to perform for Seņor Wences was, 'That's awesome, what a dream come true!'"

From the very beginning, she studied Seņor Wences. She analyzed and learned what set him apart from other comics and ventriloquists. "He was never dependent on any punch line. He never relied on written material. He could make anything funny. His timing, rhythm, speed, strong characters and voices did not interfere with what I saw as his grace, his natural sense of formality and his style as a performer."

If not his formality, LaFong has definitely inherited Seņor Wences sense of style. A sense of style she filters through the voices of five different, original characters simultaneously.

"I was completely self-taught, I became a ventriloquist when I was five years old because no one else would talk to me. After I got my first puppet, I could finally have an intelligent conversation with someone who had to agree with me on every point. I rarely lost an argument."

A key to LaFong's continued appeal is found in the all-too-familiar and believable relationship she has with her characters, which she claims are based, loosely, on real people in her life. Paco, for instance is modeled after an old boyfriend. "Paco is my single woman's answer to dating in the 90's. He is a smooth talking, macho stud puppet, clad in black leather with gold chains dangling from his hairy chest." But when she's asked if she will ever give up Paco for a real man, she replies, "only when I find a real man who will let me pack him up in a suitcase when I'm done with him."

Michele is an accomplished stand-up comedian and impressionist. Her characters include Bette Midler, Joan Rivers, Jackie Mason and renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth, along with many others.

Original puppets from the Wences vintage collection have been given to Michele. She is using the original "Johnny" in the new Mercedes commercial. Seņor Wences puppets live on through Michele LaFong!  She is living a dream.  S'allright? S'allright!

What others say about...
Michele LaFong

Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon:

"I can say without any hesitation your performance was outstanding! It's not easy to score and score big on this type of program. You were an effortless hit and you must know it from the reaction of the audience. It's refreshing that giving people, such as yourself, make their performance so uncomplicated. I have heard nothing but raves about how good you were. Michele, you make my job look very easy." -- Eddie Foy

St. Joseph's College:
  New York

"Michele visited our campus and entertained a group of students with her hilarious impressions and talented ventriloquism. Her comedy routines included ironies that kept the audience rolling. She was very personable and included audience participation as a part of her act." -- Carrie Abbatiello, Administrative Assistant, Campus Activities Board

National Comedy Hall of Fame:

"We expect great things from you and "Paco". We hope to see you in the museum in the future! Your act is great. Keep up the good work!" -- Tony Belmont, Executive Director

Bahama Princess:
  Resort & Casino

"I must commend you on your high standard of performance and your professionalism. During the weeks of your engagement here at the Princess Casino, we have received very favorable comments on your performance from our guests. We look forward to working with you more often in the future." -- Charles LaRoda, Director of Entertainment

Michele LaFong may be available for your next special event!

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