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T.A. Burrows

Have you seen this man? If not, you should!

T. A. Burrows, comedian T.A. Burrows is more than just another stand-up comedian. He is a multi-talented entertainer who has more than 20 years in the business and has brought fun and laughter to more than 1 million people around the world.

He has entertained everyone from military generals to corporate CEO's to the Prince of England! A versatile performer, he has worked with such notables as the legendary Bob Hope, comedienne Rosie O'Donnell, singer Patti LaBelle, R&B artist Brian McKnight, country star Lee Greenwood, jazz artist Dave Koz and many others!

T.A. Burrows, Comedian T.A. Burrows is variety personified – comedian, master of ceremonies, writer, actor, master impressionist and an accomplished vocalist. He can sound like anyone from Casey Kasem, Paul Harvey to Bill Clinton and sing like Johnny Mathis, Louie Armstrong, Neil Diamond to Michael Jackson! He has done voice-over work for the Armed Forces Radio Network, McDonnell Douglas and others and lent his talents to a CD-ROM recording, "The Voice of the Bible."  He is an accomplished poet and writer of nationally published works.

T.A. has appeared regularly in Las Vegas at The Riviera, The Imperial Palace, The Sahara and The Aladdin hotels. His delighted corporate clients include U.S. West, Motorola, Bank of America, Chrysler Corporation, Cigna Healthcare, Intel Corporation and many others!

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What Others Say About ...
T.A. Burrows

   Comedian, Actor
      As told to Essence Magazine

"This funny guy named T.A. Burrows was doing stand-up. I saw myself up there and I visualized the future. In a split second, I found myself – my calling. I went running out of the auditorium like a madman screaming how I was going to be a comic!"

Comedy Review:

"He doesn't just walk on stage, he bursts onto it like a bull charging a matador. The rapport is immediate. You can tell the audience loves him already and he hasn't even said anything funny yet. There aren't enough superlatives to describe the next 45 minutes. Burrows is animated, energetic and superbly funny. The audience didn't stop laughing for 45 minutes."   --- Steve Jacobs, columnist

The Las Vegas Sun:

"Highly recommended."   --- Joe Delaney, columnist

George M. Browning, Jr.:
   Director of Budget, Washington, DC

"His superb performance was the highlight of our farewell for General Driessnack. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from the audience. In the Nation's Capitol, our social functions tend to have a recurring theme with little variation in programs or entertainment. His performance was certainly a refreshing break from the routine."

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