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Joe Recca

Comedian Joe Recca began performing comedy in 1987 at the Comedy Café in Washington, DC. Now a veteran comedian, he remembers doing comedy with Dave Chappelle. "Dave and I would sit in the back of the club waiting to do our five minutes."

Joe Recca - booking information Joe's style of comedy can be described in three words: Funny, Funny, Funny. His real life comedy material comes from life experiences, his observations of growing up in the south, racism, ex-wife, relationships; Joe's comedy covers it all.

All ages, all races, everybody can relate to Joe's comedy. His creativity comes from a love of making people laugh. "No matter what race you are or what language you speak, we all laugh the same, everyone understands laughter," he says.

Joe Recca was a probation counselor working in Corrections, "People will listen to anything you have to say, if you make it funny." There was an inmate who would find Jesus every time he got locked up. He'd say, "I'm back with Christ." Joe would tell him, "You weren't with Christ when you had those people lying face down in that liquor store." The inmate would say, "Christ will set you free." Joe would reply, "Christ better be on the parole board."

Joe Recca is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. He has been confronted with a lot of difficulties, including the death of both of his parents and his grandmother. With all the trials that life has brought him since leaving his job as a probation counselor in 1990 and going into comedy full time, the one common denominator has been God. God has always been his rock that he held onto at times when he didn't have a stable place to live, when he didn't have money to buy food and wasn't sure where the next dollar would come from, when he could feel the walls closing in on him, and then out of nowhere a phone call would come in and work would come. Then, he would be able to pay his bills. So, he knows the power of faith and hard work.

Joe Recca prayed and asked God to help him in his career. A comedian called Joe and asked me to help him write some material because he was auditioning for a television show on BET called Coming to the Stage this was the second season of the show. It was the highest rated show on BET and made the first season winner Lil JJ famous. So, he went to the audition of Coming to the Stage and waited in a very long line of more than 80 people auditioning in Baltimore.

In Baltimore they selected him and 2 other comedians to go to Hollywood to tape Coming to the Stage, along with 30 others they selected from around the country.

Joe Recca just wanted to be seen on the show and get some exposure, but after his third week on the show he started to ask God to help him win. And this is how he knows what God has for you. When Joe thought he was going to get voted off the show there he was - still in the running. The show was a 13 week show and Joe was on the show for 7 weeks and, in the finals, the judges declared Joe Recca the winner of Coming to the Stage…the Superstar of Funny. He received a $7,000 high-tech watch, a Disney cruise, a walk-on appearance on the UPN sitcom Eve, and a BET special. The exposure gave his career the boost it needed to move to the next level and got his name out there.

So, Joe Recca knows the power of Faith, Prayer and Preparation!!

Joe Recca has worked with such comedy greats as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Tommy Davidson. He has written for DL Hughley, star of the television show "The Hughleys."

His television credits include BET Coming to the Stage, BET Comic View, HBO Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo, Apollo Comedy Hour and Uptown Comedy Club.

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