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Miss Clareese

Gospel Comedy At Its Best!

Roxanne David had her first experiences with comedy in 1991. Her comedic debut was as "Brownie, the Christian Clownie" for Pizza Hut's Kid's Night. She was the Assistant Manager at the time and they were short a clown. Although Roxanne consented to do it, she admits it was under duress. However, as soon as she put on the costume and started interacting with the children as well as the adults, she realized she absolutely loved it.

When Roxanne got down on her knees that night to pray she asked the Lord what He would have her do with this wonderful new person who had emerged. His response to her was as clear as a bell. The Lord said, "I want you to spread my Word through comedy."

Roxanne David started with children's birthday parties, picnics and youth-oriented church events. However, it didn't really seem like that was the direction God had intended. Slowly, but surely, as the Lord continued to help her perfect her craft, the white face disappeared, then the honking nose, the big shoes and the larger-than-life clown outfit.

Roxanne started getting more and more invitations to adult affairs. So, she would do clean humor that was geared more for an adult audience. However, she was still "Brownie." Then, one day, a good friend from church was talking with her. They were talking about this wonderful blessing the Lord has given her. The friend was joking around with her voice. She was trying to sound country or southern or something. Then she turned to Roxanne and said, "You know who you are? You are Miss Clareese." That was all Roxanne David needed to hear. It was like this huge light came on. She knew that what the friend said had come straight from the Lord.

From that point on, she has been Praising the Lord as "Miss Clareese." She gives her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, all the Praise, Glory and Honor for every opportunity that He so graciously gives to her to share His awesome Word through comedy.

Miss Clareese doesn't mind letting the world know that God is real and that He is still in the miracle-working business. As she is fond of saying, "Every time I look in the mirror, I am just simply amazed at what the Lord can do with leftovers."

Miss Clareese has an Associates Degree in Theological and Evangelical Studies from the District of Columbia Bible Institute, Falls Church, Virginia.

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