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Steve McGrew

"The White Trash World of Steve McGrew"

Steve McGrew is a veteran of virtually every cable comedy show and claims to be "just a normal guy", but his biting comedic wit quickly proves otherwise. Every subject is fair game to Steve as he delivers his often outrageous material with a sheepish look that quickly wins over audiences.

Who has better hair? Is it a tie? Steve McGrew with Dolly Parton Steve McGrew, comedianThe legend that is Steve McGrew is a classic showbiz tale.

One night while sitting at a soda fountain in Hollywood, a man walked up to him and didn't say anything. Steve thought to himself, "That's it, I'm a Star!" and overnight he became a star! An overnight success.

Yes, it's true! And after only 16 years in the comedy business!

He knows what makes America laugh. He has his fingers on the comedy pulse of the common man (and woman, too).

Steve McGrew was born in Oklahoma in the 50's and grew up thinking that the world was a wonderful place - just like the Cleavers. That everyone in the whole USA was like the people in his neighborhood. Honest, hard working, God fearing people.

Then he started traveling around the country. Boy, was he wrong!!

But he hasn't completely given up hope for a Cleaver-like society! Steve believes there is a little bit of Ward and June in all of us. We just need to be shown the way. Steve will shine the light of comedy on the things that will help us find our way back to the Beaver! We should all give thanks to the Beaver!

Comedian Steve McGrew has been dispensing his wit and wisdom in comedy clubs and on TV shows for more than 16 years. He has been seen by more people than a Cher hair products infomercial. Now, he is here to slap people around.

Steve has a fast-paced, unconventional style that helped him become a "Star Search" finalist.

Steve says nothing is safe from his jabs. Men will love him for saying what they wish they could say to their wives and women will howl with delight as he points out the shortcomings of the "do-nothing-around-the-house" males. No, he's not sexist. He is only telling it like he sees it. Steve is an equal opportunity offender! Nothing and nobody walks away unscathed.

Steve McGrew has been asked to appear on almost every TV show known to modern man. Anyone who has remote-surfed the cable channels has seen him.

He has been on Evening at the Improv, Caroline's Comedy Hour, Comedy on the Road from London, MTV, VH-1, TNN, Star Search, and Steve was in the cable ACE award winning SHOWTIME'S Full Frontal Comedy just to name a few. By the way, he also writes a column for America On-line.

He has toured with Dolly Parton and his been seen in concert with The Beach Boys, Tanya Tucker and Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry Lee actually called him "killer."

And you will too!

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