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Water Coolers

Musical Office Satire
Music and Comedy About Having a Job

The Water Coolers is a high powered, laugh out loud, new revue about life at work. The Water Coolers uses songs and sketch comedy to take a hilarious look at what we go through just making every work week happen.  Simply put, it's your world... but killer funny!

The Water Coolers has got the American workplace nailed. The hassles, head-trips, and hook-ups of our modern corporate culture are all captured in songs that are funny, lyrical, and dead on.

This is totally different, never-been-seen music and comedy featuring a cast and crew of top New York City talent. The show was inspired by stories by people from the corporate world and created and written by successful corporate and show business professionals. This portrays a unique, light-hearted look at everyday corporate America, brought live to your event.

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