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Jim McCue, comedian
Jim McCue

Comedy is his life. And for West Hartford native Jim McCue, that means looking for more opportunities to make people laugh. Comedy has "always been fascinating to me," he said. Jim described himself as somewhat of a class clown in his school days, and recalled that while in high school a guidance counselor "wanted to send me to a lumberjack school."

Jim McCue good naturedly takes you on, one at a time, with his whip-like wisecracks and low-key countenance. He is insulting without offending and often takes aim at himself. Free of foul language and sexually oriented material, McCue considers maintaining a clean, yet funny act, more of a challenge.

He makes fun of life experiences, family and relationships – things that people in the audience can often relate to. He also likes topical humor, without a heavy reliance on politics. Another easy topic is height jokes. Jim is 6 feet 6 inches tall, so he can relate to lines like "How's the weather up there?"

He has already been seen on the MTV "HA" network, "Hard Laugh Cafe" and the 1990 Montreal Comedy Festival, among others. With his passive-aggressive act, McCue manages to keep his audience off balance and on their toes. And, like a lion tamer exiting a cage, he leaves them roaring – with laughter!
Jim McCue
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 Jim McCue

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