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Larry D. Veal, Comedian and Actor -- For reviews, click HERE!
Larry D. Veal

"Laughter is the shock absorber of life."

Larry D. Veal, Comedian and Actor -- For list of credits, click HERE! Clean comedy is what Larry D. Veal has been providing since 1990. His clean comedy is so strong that he has even received standing ovations in many of the so-called "Def Jam" type comedy clubs.

Larry graduated from the Indianapolis Broad Ripple High School of Performing Arts, and then attended Paine College in Augusta, Georgia. While attending Paine College, he won the Bill Cosby Award for Best Comedian and the Sidney Poitier Best Actor Award three years in a row! He knew then that performing was for him.

After graduating in 1989 he entered and often won comedy competitions. During this time, he performed at comedy clubs but noticed a rise in vulgarity in these clubs. Because of this, he chose to present his talents to schools and corporate America.

Larry has spent more than ten years working in the area of juvenile delinquency and has received numerous awards for his ability to inspire youth. He has been recognized by such dignitaries as First Lady Hillary Clinton and Former President Jimmy Carter. (As a high school freshman, Larry was an active member of a gang, suspended 18 times and received all F's.  As a senior, he was an honor roll student and recipient of the "Best Mental Attitude" and "Outstanding Athlete" Awards.)

In the spring of 1999, Larry was asked to deliver an anti-tobacco message at several Orlando area schools as a part of the mayor's "Prime-Time" program. As a non-smoker and a strong advocate against tobacco and drugs, he considered the opportunity an honor and the message one he could stand firmly behind. As a result of this request "Health Jam '99" was created. It was first presented at Memorial Middle School in Orange County. Larry's presentation was combined with comedy, dancing and drama. All of this made his message exciting and well-received by the students and staff. So exciting in fact, that he was invited back three more times over the next two weeks.

Veal's hard-hitting, eye-opening message has caught the attention of many other organizations. The Florida Police Athletic League used his services four times in six months. Besides his obvious talent to provide humor, Larry's five years as juvenile probation officer and his B.A. degree in Criminology enable him to take his message into the classroom to answer serious questions.

As a recent resident of Duval county Larry is continuing his mission of preventing drug and tobacco use, violence, teen pregnancy and gang involvement, by teaming up with local businesses. He has started "The B-Moe Positive Company" and has links with several non-profit organizations.

Services he offers include ---

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Student Leadership Training
  • Family Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Clean Comedy
  • Staff Training
  • Business and Program Consulting

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   Jul 24, 1966

Raised: Indiana Indianapolis

Based: Georgia Atlanta

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