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Lori Weiss, comedienne
Lori Weiss

Environmental Comedienne

There is a lot to laugh about when Lori starts talking about the environment. She knows how to get your attention and keep it. She also knows her subject – she has a degree in Environmental Biology.

She has served as television warm-up for studio audiences of "Townies," "Love and Marriage," "Hope and Gloria," "Something Wilder," "Too Something," "Phenom," "The Chevy Chase Show," "Evening Shade," "Flying Blind," "Local Heroes," "The Prodigy Challenge" and "The Byron Allen Show."

She has written for Joan Rivers and "The Byron Allen Show" and has written sample ("spec") scripts for "Ellen," "Mad About You" and "3rd Rock From the Sun."

Her televisions credits include CNN, "Rascals Comedy Hour" and environmental news segments on NBC and ABC.

Her corporate clients include Xerox, Waste Management, and Air and Waste Management.
Lori Weiss
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 Lori Weiss

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