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Scott Bruce, comedian
Scott Bruce

Scott Bruce is a professional comedian who has been performing in every available venue including television, radio, stage, colleges, cruise ships, comedy clubs and now the Internet throughout the United States and Canada for more than fourteen years. Attending his live performances are more than 100,000 people a year and when you add in the massive Internet, television and radio audiences the numbers skyrocket to the millions.

Scott is currently the new host of "The Pennsylvania Game," a television trivia show that plays on PBS. This program is a fun, educational show that has contestants competing for prizes by answering tough trivia about the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition to his "normal" comedy act, Scott also incorporates something no other comedian is doing – he uses his Macintosh computer interactively to produce hilarious results that incidentally inform his audiences as well as entertain them.

Scott Bruce has been the spokesperson as the "Paintman" for The Standard Brands Paint Company of Los Angeles, California. In this position he wrote and starred in a series of television and radio commercials that received critical acclaim and generated quite a bit of press coverage. The paint company followed up on the "Paintman's" popularity by hiring a P.R. firm to line up personal appearances on local television shows in the markets populated with their stores. The spots were very well received and in every market Scott was asked back repeatedly to do humorous material that incorporated painting tips and some unabashed promotion for the paint company.

We feel that Scott is an excellent pitch man with a charming personality and a real work ethic that guarantees he will know his product and make any situation work to his benefit.

Among his national television appearances are comedy spots on The Comedy Channel, "Everyday with Joan Lunden," and "Comedy on the Road" with John Byner on the Arts and Entertainment Network.

Prior to his comedy career Mr. Bruce was a businessman. He started his own business at the age of twenty and ran it for eight years. The business, Centre Chemical Company is still thriving in central Pennsylvania. This business background is still serving him well.

As more and more of his friends learned of his Macintosh mania they asked for help in choosing and purchasing a computer. In the past year, Scott has been responsible for the sale of more than 100 Macintosh computers.
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