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Todd Yohn

Todd Yohn, Comedian For more than a dozen years Todd Yohn's high energy, non-stop act has blended stand-up, improv and music into one deliciously stimulating show. His outrageous parodies and fresh, clever, original comedy tunes such as "Red on the Head" and "Daddy, Please Don't Go" are the direct result of being an accomplished musician and songwriter as well as comedian.

Todd is one of the few performers today who has the ability to generate laughter simply with the lift of an eyebrow or the droop of a lip. His combination of material, uncanny sense of timing and his complete uniqueness of personality has earned him the reputation as one of the hottest comedic performers in the country.

Todd Yohn, Comedian At 6'4" and 180 pounds Todd is a red-headed, walking, talking cartoon. Moving in and out of two or three characters within seconds will make anyone think they're watching multiple performers. But it's just Todd being Todd...or Quadro-man...or any one of the many characters that inhabit his act.

Todd Yohn, Comedian Todd is not only heavily requested on the college circuit and national club network as a headliner but has also been the favorite opener of many major acts such as Joan Rivers, the Monkees, Glen Campbell, Charlie Daniels Band, Tom Chapin, Earl Scruggs, Rich Hall, Marty Allen, Foster Brooks, Boots Randolph, and the Four Tops.

His humor, music and professionalism have also made him a regular on the nationally syndicated comedy radio show "Bob and Tom." Simply put, Todd Yohn is a total entertainer who will thrill any audience. Don't miss the opportunity to experience him!
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 Todd Yohn

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