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Okay, friend. Let's continue...

In this section,
we simply ask for the general geographical area of your planned event.

  • for a live (on stage) performance, or
  • for a nonperformance guest appearance, such as a "meet-and-greet", or a "mix-and-mingle".
  • Event examples include:
    public concerts, fairs/festivals, private parties, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, personal appearance as a guest at a party, marriage proposal surprises, etc.

For a live performance or for a paid nonperformance guest appearance:

Which of the below BEST describes
the PRIMARY geographical area of your event(s)?
(Select A, B, or C)

A) In the U.S.A.
        Includes all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

B) In North America area,
     but not in U.S.
        Includes Canada, Mexico and
          nearby North America areas.
        Not in the U.S.

C) Not in North America
        Areas outside of North America.

















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We are unable to forward fan requests or messages to artists.

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