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Minimum requirement: $100 000 USD

To receive services, talent buyers need to establish a sufficient budget to do business.
For events outside of North America --
buyers should have a talent-fee budget equal to or exceeding the following --
$100 000 USD, plus all costs, such as travel, lodging, meals, local production, etc.

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If your talent budget is less than this amount, this site will be unable to assist you with your needs.
To exit this site and seek services elsewhere, click here.

Continue with this section, if both of the following are true -
   1. The entertainment part of your event will occur outside of North America.
   2. The entertainment will be for a private group, "by-invitation-only", not open to the general public.
   (If either of the above statements is not true, click here.)


Submitting an offer --
Our company does not make "offers" to customers. We do not "offer" an artist to a buyer at a fixed rate. We can assist you in preparing an offer to present to an artist. In other words, you, the buyer, will be the one submitting an offer.

For example, a basic offer might read as, "I am prepared to offer Mr. Entertainer 250.000 USD plus travel, lodging and all other necessary expenses to entertain at our event."

Offers are not to be submitted, unless you are serious and ready to honor the terms that you present in your offer.

Binder requirement --
When submitting an offer, you are declaring that you are prepared to move forward to the next step, if your offer is accepted. As part of this process, a 10-20% good-faith financial binder is required to validate/guarantee your offer. This represents your commitment to your offer and tells us that you are serious about moving forward with the terms of your offer and prepared to proceed to full contract, should the artist accept your offer. An offer that is not guaranteed by a binder has little chance of seriously being considered. You will be expected to send your binder via bank-wire within 24-72 hours of submitting your offer. Otherwise, we will be unable to proceed.

If the artist does not accept your offer, 100% of the binder is promptly returned to you - or, at your request, the funds can be held as your binder for an offer for another artist.

Your business is appreciated! Let's continue.

Are the following two statements true?

    1) Your budget is (or is expected to be)....
    $100 000 USD or more to pay the talent fee for a single artist or for each artist for each date,
    or you are seeking multiple acts and you have $100 000 USD or more for your main artist's fee,
    or you are seeking talent for multiple dates with a budget of $100 000 USD or more for each date,
    and you have a separate budget to cover expenses, such as travel and lodging, etc.

    2) You have the authority to submit a firm offer on behalf of the buyer,
    and you have the financial ability to guarantee your offer with the required 10-20% binder.

    Are both of the above statements true? Answer by clicking   YES .  or   NO .


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