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       CONTACT - SELECT - PRESS KIT - Requesting promotional material for an artist already booked.   **

This is regarding requests for promotional material for an artist already booked for an event.

If you have not yet booked this artist, click HERE.

Thank you for your interest in the artists listed on our web site. 

If you are seeking promotional material about one of the artists listed on this site who is already booked for an event coming up, we ask that you channel your request through the company/producer indicated on your performance engagement contract. Use the contact information listed there. For instance, if Richard De La Font Agency, Inc. is indicated as the producer, our contact information will be listed -- use that information.

If a local event producer/promoter is listed, you must go through that office. For instance, if the artist is booked for a concert, requests for press kits/photos/etc. must go through the promoter/producer of that concert. If the artist is appearing at a local club, then your request must go through the club management, who will probably then direct you to the contact person who helped book the engagement. If the artist is appearing at the County/State Fair, contact the person indicated on the contract. And so on.

Upcoming deadlines or the fact that you were given short notice are not valid reasons for avoiding going through the proper channels. Do NOT send such requests directly to us -- unless we are listed as the proper contact.

This web site was created and is maintained as a resource for talent buyers.

-- We sincerely thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy browsing this web site.

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