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1. Regarding: Soliciting donation of artists' services for fund raising purposes related to catastrophes, such as floods, hurricanes, tornados, fire, terrorism, medical, etc.

Only professional promoters with prior experience with specific artists should attempt to acquire the services of major name talent for fund-raising purposes related to catastrophes. These professional concert promoters know what to do to maximize the fund-raising effectiveness of artists' performances. Also, they already have personal/professional contact information to solicit such assistance - without using this web site. All/any such solicitations are to be made only through previously obtained personal or professional contacts. Requests for contact information should not be attempted through this web site or via telephone to this company. Attempts seeking such contact information by saying "He knows me, but I lost his number," will not be successful.

First time promoters (no prior experience with major names) are discouraged from any such solicitation, no matter how good the intention. If necessary, ask a local, reputable, experienced concert promoter for assistance.

2. Regarding: Soliciting an artist for a donation of money, time, services or items - for example, asking the artist to discount his/her fees for a non-profit or other worthwhile charity event.

If you are seeking donations of money or time or items from a celebrity or name act, you are not alone. Thousands of other worth-while organizations are seeking donations or discounted pricing, also.

Many performing artists contribute a substantial amount of time, services and/or money to benefit fund-raisers and charitable causes. As you can readily imagine, celebrities can be overwhelmed with solicitations for help - and there are thousands of very worth-while charities, wonderful causes and fund-raisers. You are not alone if you sincerely believe that the artist you seek would want to help your particular cause - and, you want to invite the celebrity to participate.

Many big name celebrities have personally established charitable foundations to raise funds for causes that are important to the celebrity. Many celebrities develop their own private list of causes and charitable events that they support. Of course, after a number of contributions of time or money throughout the year, matters of business and personal family time must be considered. New solicitations must be respectfully declined. This is how the celebrity can keep a healthy balance of "giving back to the community" while maintaining his/her own business endeavors.

Unless an artist has approached your organization to offer services, or you have a "relative who has a friend of a friend of a band member," it is typically unrealistic to expect a response to a solicitation for a celebrity to donate time, money or services to your particular cause. Therefore, we are unable to consider or forward such requests.

3. Advice.

If you belong to an organization that is seeking to utilize an artist's services to sell concert tickets to raise funds for your local cause, we strongly suggest that you seek local sponsorship. This means local corporations or individuals agree to donate funds to assist in paying the artist's fee. Locals are more attuned to your community and its needs - and such a donation of funds is likely to be a tax benefit to the sponsor. After sponsors have committed to funding entertainment, contact this company to hire professional talent (at standard rates): Click HERE!

4. Summary.

We cannot consider or forward requests for --
   articles of clothing/items/autographs/photos, etc. for auctions or other purposes,
   financial assistance,
   pro bono services,
   discounted services,
   celebrity telephone calls (or requests to "drop by"),
   or fan-related solicitations, such as -
      a performer to announce your name (or say happy birthday) during a concert, or
      a performer to invite you on stage so you can ask your girlfriend to marry you, or
      a performer to record a special video or CD for your friend's birthday, anniversary, etc.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

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