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Please read the below descriptions, then click on a selection, either "BOOKING" or "OTHER". --

A) REQUESTING booking information for a live performance or a nonperformance personal appearance.
Learn how to book talent for a live (stage) performance, or for a nonperformance personal appearance.
This is the section most frequently used by this site's visitors.
Examples: public concerts, fairs/festivals, private parties, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, personal appearance as a guest at a party, etc.

B) All other subjects/topics/requests, including --
casting requests for television, film, theater stage, etc.
songs offered by songwriters
business opportunity meetings
artists seeking representation, or wanting to join a tour
other non-booking requests


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For professional requests, such as request for a meeting to discuss business opportunity, endorsements, casting, collaboration, theatrical bookings, etc.,
Click HERE.

For interview requests, solicitations, and non-booking fan requests,
Click HERE.





   OTHER ---
   Professional request for a private business opportunity meeting (US$100,000 or more)
   To discuss business. For example, to discuss any of the following: a business opportunity, a possible collaboration with artist, real estate investment or purchase, fine art investment, casting for participation in a film or a stage play, writing a book, or other business-related purpose. This is to arrange a no-obligation meeting with artist or management to discuss business. This is not for social events.
      Click here:
Business Opportunity Meeting
   All other professional requests (US$500,000 or more):
   For casting in a movie/film, television, TV guest, acting role, cameo appearance, celebrity judge, webcast, podcast, recordings, endorsements, spokesperson, video games, voice-overs, commercial advertising, product commercial, theatrical/stage performance, musical collaboration, publishing project, biography, magazine feature, cookbook, etc.
      Click here: Professional Requests





   Interview request -- for professionals only. Not for fans.
      Click here: Interviews
   Solicitations for free or deeply discounted services
      Click here: Solicitations
   Non-booking requests: For requests NOT related to booking talent, such as fan requests.
      Click here: Non-booking Requests
      Click here: Feedback

   For Artists Only
   For artists requesting a listing on this site.
   (This link is For Artists Only, NOT for buyers wanting to book talent.)
      Click here: For Artists Only


   Please note: This is a not a fan site.
We are unable to forward fan requests or messages to artists.

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