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--- For Artists Only (and representatives)

(How to get a listing on this web site.)

Sorry. We are not taking new submissions from anyone other than those described below. The majority of our business is now with major name musical acts. Should we start accepting submissions again from lesser known acts, we will remove this notice. Thank you for your understanding.

August 2, 2001  Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.

If you are a buyer looking to book an artist, do NOT use the below form. If you are a buyer looking to book an artist, go HERE.

Currently, we are adding only celebrities, nationally (and internationally) known recording artists and other very-well-known names to our rosters. 

Musical acts MUST have a biographical listing on both of these sites --
 should have public concert dates posted on --
 Pollstar.com or https://www.pollstar.com/research

If the artist's name is not on all three of the above sites, please do NOT proceed.


We are not considering submissions from --
    Acts based outside of the United States or Canada. (For example, Mexico, Europe, Asia, etc.) (Your home city must be in U.S. or Canada.)
How To Submit Promotional Information

If you want us to consider your information, submit the below submission-request form.

However, avoid the following errors --
: Typing e-mail messages in ALL CAPS is always considered unprofessional and/or rude. --
     a) text shouting at the reader is unprofessional and
     b) text in ALL CAPITALS is much more difficult to read. 
     Please release your "Caps Lock" key. Do not SHOUT at us in ALL CAPS.  SHOUTING will be a cause for automatic rejection.

2. Asking us to consider foreign acts. As we have previously indicated above, we are considering only submissions of acts based in the U.S. or Canada.  This is still our policy.

Do NOT make false claims. Do NOT enter FALSE answers. Falsifying your submitted information guarantees automatic rejection.
For musical acts, the following instructions are very simple to follow.
     1. If there is no biography/write-up (in the "Biography" section, found on the "Biography" tab/section) on www.allmusic.com for this artist's name, do not claim that there is. A "biography" in any other place (or for another artist's name) does not qualify as a "yes".

         We want to know if this artist has a biography under the "BIOGRAPHY" tab. The answer will either be "Yes" or "No".
         A "biography" in any other place, such as the "Albums" section (or for another artist's name) does NOT qualify as a "yes".

     2. If there is no album listed on www.amazon.com with this artist as the primary artist, do not claim that there are "2", "3" or "4". Again, the name of THIS artist must be indicated as the primary contributor.
(Note: If you have albums listed on other major sites, such as www.barnesandnoble.com, that information can be stated in the "description of the act" section.)


Sorry. Unless we have an interest,
please do not expect a reply
If we have an interest,
we will reply with a request for more information.
Again, please do not SHOUT in ALL CAPS.

Release your "Caps Lock" key.

Your name
 - required
Company name
 - if applicable
Name(s) of artist(s) or group
 - required
Your primary e-mail address
   format: name@xxxx.xxx
 - required and must be correct.
Do not use "www". Must include "@".
Alternate e-mail address
optional, but recommended.
Web site, primary
 - optional
Web site(s), alternate or secondary
 - optional

We use your e-mail address to communicate with you for this purpose only.
If you provide an invalid e-mail address, our reply will be returned to us - and you will not receive an answer.
We do NOT put your name on a mailing list. We are very anti-spam.
We NEVER sell, distribute or use e-mail addresses for mass marketing mailing.

Your telephone number(s)
   format: 000.000.000
required. Your daytime number.
Alternate telephone number
 - optional, but recommended
Artist is primarily based in:
City, State/Province
must be within the U.S. or Canada
Artist is primarily based 

in the U.S. or Canada
NOT in the U.S. or Canada

Primary talent type Music Comedy Musical comedy Variety Other 
Are the booked dates of this artist posted on www.pollstar.com? Yes No
Attention: Read the following carefully. Do NOT submit a false answer.
This section is asking about the presence of a biographical write-up on a particular web site in a particular location for musical acts.

Search www.allmusic.com for this artist's name.
Search results might show the artist's name with a link and one or more links related to albums recorded by the artist.

For this question, we are ONLY concerned with the link that leads to a biography of the artist -- not links related to albums.

If a musical artist, is there a biography (or "biographical write-up") of this artist or group under a BIOGRAPHY tab section of  ---
www.allmusic.com under the artist's/group's name?
(If there is only a name listed or an album listed, but no artist's bio in the "BIOGRAPHY" section of the artist's name, the answer is "No". A write-up in an album review does not qualify.)

           Yes No   
             --   Caution: falsely claiming a write-up in the "BIOGRAPHY" section of the artist's name, when there is none, is an automatic rejection. Again, biographical information found in album reviews is not relevant to this question.

If a musical artist, what is the primary genre/style played? (country, rock, blues, etc.)  
Attention: Read the following carefully. Do NOT submit a false answer.
If a musical artist, how many albums (not singles) for this artist or group are currently listed on www.amazon.com -- with this artist listed as the PRIMARY artist (not just a contributor)?
(If there are no albums on
www.amazon.com listing this artist as PRIMARY contributor, the answer is "none".)
none 1 2 3 4 more   
              --   Caution: falsely claiming album listings on
www.amazon.com, for this particular artist,
                                 when there is none, is an automatic rejection.

Brief description of the act.
Two to ten lines are best.



Sorry. Unless we have an interest, do not expect a reply.

Attention, musical performers and aspiring musical performers ---
Richard De La Font Agency, Inc. is not involved with auditions or hiring performers for established performing groups, e.g., Legends In Concert, Pink Flamingos, etc.
We do not create groups or give advice as to how a performer can apply for membership in an existing group.


Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.

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