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Jensen Magic
by Pete Jensen

"Jensen Magic"

Pete Jensen Magic - Magician and Illusionist Pete Jensen has always felt that the 'theatre' of magic has been missing, so he decided to fuse everything together. He strives to give the audience the total theatrical experience. The mood begins from the moment they walk in, and is further developed through lighting, scenic design, choreography, and the overall craft of showmanship.

Pete combines all the elements required to take an audience of skeptics back to their childhood when magic was a source of wonder and amazement.

He placed a challenge on himself to look beyond mere 'tricks' in order to broaden the scope of his presentations. With Jensen Magic he has enjoyed using all of his life experiences, all that his mentors have graciously shared with him, and the talents of some of the most highly regarded people in magic and theater. The result is living the dream.

Pete Jensen - Magician and Illusionist Jensen Magic invites you to take a trip into the timeless world of a place long since forgotten. A realm where treasures live silently waiting to be discovered, offering fantasy and adventures beyond the imagination. A place that entices you to believe that miracles can and do happen.

Jensen Magic has evolved into one of the largest magic and illusion shows in the country. The full production takes a subtle and sophisticated approach to the art, combining equal parts of magic, comedy, theater and vaudeville with audience participation – a recipe for pure entertainment.


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