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Magic of Rober, Magician, Illusionist Come, enter the world of The Magic of Rober (roh-bair'). You may never believe your eyes again!

Welcome to the amazing and mysterious world of magic and illusion. Anything and everything is possible in this world of fun and enjoyment which has been designed to enchant and surprise you.

Rober's stage sleight of hand involves the appearance, transformation and vanishing of doves, cards, candles, silk and a unique performance of the age old rings.

Magic of Rober, Magician, Illusionist He has a special segment of his show when he invites members of the audience to actually participate in his unique combination of hilarious comedy and mystifying magic.

Rober performs amazing full stage illusions including: Twister, Fire Cage, Mini Kub Zag, Sword Basket, Broomstick Suspension, Vanishing Dove Carousel, Houdini's Metamorphosis.

His performances are ideal for parties, dinner theater, community functions, fund raising functions, mall shows, banquets, sales meetings, trade shows, conventions.

The Magic of Rober may be available for your next special event.
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 Magic of Rober

incorrect spelling: Magic of Robair, Magic of Robare, Magic of Robear, rob, robe

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