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Robert Austin, Magician and Illusionist
Robert Austin

Robert Austin, Magician and Illusionist Imagine, seeing a girl levitated in mid-air without any visible means of support! Imagine, seeing an audience member being sawed in half with a real electric saw! Imagine, a girl stepping into a box and dematerializing as she escapes certain death from four giant chrome tubes! This is the excitement "The Magic and Music of Robert Austin" brings to special events!

All of us have seen magic on television and have thought, "That's impossible!" We dismiss it as camera tricks. However, when a full magic-illusion show is presented live, there is just no explanation – it is happening right before our eyes!

Robert Austin is a part of a new breed of stage illusionists longing to be different. His background is in music and theatre. So, when he performs his illusions, he uses today's Broadway and contemporary music. BILLBOARD PUBLICATIONS best described the show, "It's like watching a magical musical video – live!"

The show is a fantastic blend of live animals, beautiful assistants, audience participation, hilarious comedy and grand illusions. He has more than 40 illusions in his repertoire and can present shows from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It is spectacular entertainment on a grand scale that leaves audiences breathless. This may be just what you could use for your next corporate event, trade show, conference, holiday or special occasion party, festival, fair or banquet event.
Robert Austin may be available for your next special event.
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 Robert Austin

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