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How To Book THE SPENCERS For Your Event!

The Spencers may be available for your next special event!

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The Spencers


"Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year"
1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
"Entertainers of the Year"
1995, 2000

"The Theatre of Illusion"

The Spencers present a big, high-tech stage show that combines drama, comedy and suspense with elaborate illusions for an evening of magic that has been hailed as "unbelievable entertainment." The Vail Daily News described them as "modern day Houdinis."

Kevin and Cindy Spencer have been a popular entertainment attraction for more than a decade with performances throughout the United States and five foreign countries. This international illusion sensation has garnered numerous awards and rave reviews.

They have cultivated an audience base of fans in towns and cities across the nation which will move them into the millennium as one of the most popular illusion teams of the new century!

They combine music, magic, lighting, scenery, special effects, humor and audience participation with cutting-edge illusions to fill the stage with magnificent feats of magic.

Rising rapidly through the ranks of magic's legends and superstars, Kevin and Cindy Spencer have proven they are as popular with audiences as Houdini, Henning, Blackstone or Penn & Teller.

In 1995, The Spencers were named Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year by Arts Presenters across the nation – a recognition they share with only one other magician, David Copperfield. They were the first artists to receive the honor two years in a row when they won again in 1996! In an unprecedented vote, they have received this honor for the sixth consecutive year holding the title longer than any other performer.

In addition, The Spencers were named ENTERTAINERS OF THE YEAR for the second time in five years in a recent Reader's Choice Awards survey conducted by Campus Activities magazine. They have also been recognized as Best Touring Production, Best Major Production, Best Variety Artists, and Best Performing Arts Event by those who buy entertainment for theatres, arts centers, civic centers, colleges and universities.

The Spencers are a highly successful touring production performing in many of the nation's top theatres and performing arts centers. Presenters and critics alike give them high marks and rave reviews for their uniquely entertaining production.

This duo presents a big, high-tech stage show that combines drama, comedy and suspense with elaborate illusions that include dazzling special effects and puzzling feats of legerdemain. They create a powerful theatrical experience for their audiences that they will never forget.

But there's more. With charisma, their personalities travel beyond the stage lights to touch not only their viewers' inquisitive minds, but their hearts as well.

The Spencers deliver a clean, positive performance with a style that is uniquely theirs. Entertainers come and go, but few leave a lasting impression on their audiences or their art. The Spencers are one of those rare exceptions.

What others say about The Spencers --

The News Herald:

"Their work in illusion is absolutely enthralling, engrossing and ingenious...barring a television special here and there, this is not something most get the chance to see." -- Matt Moore

Community Arts Outreach:
   University of Massachusetts

"Your two wonderfully exciting performances will not be soon forgotten by the more than 1,500 people of all ages who enjoyed being amused, astounded and ultimately delighted by your magic and illusions. The uniqueness of your show brought many people to our theatre for the first time and attracted the attention of the ever-jaded media. Thanks again for your excellent shows."  -- Christine Heaton Brown, Durgin Hall

Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts: 

"What a performance! I have never before felt the building shake with applause. A complete evening of family entertainment! And an instant standing ovation!"

The Leader-Telegram:

"an entertaining show...skillful, confident, knowledgeable illusionists and genuinely nice people. The Spencers undoubtedly brought in people who never had visited the theatre before. And that could be the neatest trick of all!"

St. Petersburg Times:

"The Spencer's high-tech presentation is light years from the cliché shtick of magicians of days gone by...their art of illusion is fascinating!"

Grand Opera House:

"The Spencers are an act that we will recommend to anyone looking for excellent entertainment. The world needs more entertainers like this!!"

Millsap's Arts & Lectures Series:

"I cannot express to you how very pleased we were with the program you presented for the Millsap's Arts and Lectures series. It wasn't just great magic and illusion (and it was certainly that!) – from the moment you walked on the stage, the audience was a part of the performance. I have never seen such interaction between performer and audience – a real bond of warmth tied everyone together, and that is truly magical. You gave us our largest crowd of the year and our most fun and enjoyable evening!"

Bologna Performing Arts Center:

"The Spencers' show thrilled the audience and left them in awe as they applauded the wonderful and unbelievable illusions that they had seen. They are not only masters of illusion, they have mastered the art of quality theater production which is both technically and aesthetically outstanding. The Spencers belong to the upper echelons of their art!"

Leach Theatre:

"The Spencers' show is not simply a magical act, but it is a production and work of art! The time and effort they have put into the design of their staging and the lighting reflects a level of commitment to making their show more than just another magic act. It is one of the best productions available to any performing arts venue. I cannot help but give them the Highest marks!"

Spectrum Arts:

"Last night was full of surprises! The show's pacing maximized the drama of each illusion and combined with the lighting created exciting visual effects. Everyone enjoyed suspending belief for a little while and just experiencing the magic."

The CFCC Foundation:

"It was an outstanding performance!"

The Spencers may be available for your next special event!

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