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Stephan can do more with a deck of cards than the brightest marketing minds can do with a flip chart. Stephan blends magic and sales in his performances, enhancing the bottom lines of America's corporate giants through proven marketing techniques. More than a million people have experienced Stephan's presentations. Clients include Philip Morris, Xerox, Case, Nabisco, Planet Hollywood and Viacom.

Magic can do what traditional marketing can not.
It's a proven fact that magic is among the most effective attention-getting techniques for products and/or company ID whether it's at trade shows, sales meetings or hospitality suites.

In the see-all, done-all, world of corporate presentations, only magic has the power to stop (entertain) people and sell your message simultaneously. And in the hands of Stephan, only magic has the power to make them listen and believe. Stephan will create your crowd, communicate your message, collect more leads and make your booth, products and services the star of the show. A show that will be remembered!

From the "High Seas" to trade shows.
When you hire Stephan, you're hiring one of the most respected names in both show business and big business. He has consulted for Viacom – producing and performing one of their major magic shows.

Stephan was chosen for one of the Nabisco Biscuit Company's most successful marketing programs called "Oreo...Unlock the Magic" Promotion.

He is also called several times a year to perform on the ""High Seas" by one of Florida's most popular cruises, Discovery Cruise Line.

  • Trade and Industrial Shows
    Not only is Stephan a multi-talented magician, he is also a trained salesman and skilled presenter who weaves your message and product into his routine. While your prospective clients are being entertained, they are also being exposed to a comprehensive sales message. The result is a seamless combination of sheer entertainment and solid salesmanship
  • Meetings/Conferences
    creates momentum and excitement by opening or closing your meetings/conferences by incorporating your goals through magic.
  • Stage Presentations
    captivates from 60 to 6,000 people with an interactive audience and customized, corporate entertainment experience. Stephan makes your product and/or services the star of his presentation, which features the power and precision of the human mind and generates the need to maximize human potential.
  • Training Seminars
    This is everyone's favorite. Learn the tricks of the trade. Learn how to grab your prospects'/clients' attention by using magic. During this seminar training , Stephan will teach you magic skills that can be used as icebreakers for sales, speaking engagements, meetings and conferences.
  • Hospitality Suites
    energizes your suite with his award winning, state-of-the -art close-up-magic with your clients and prospects.

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