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Rob Boyd
& Jazmin

Rob Boyd & Jazmin, Magicians, Illusionists, tooRob Boyd & Jazmin skillfully present a captivating show. Their magical entertainment is rightfully called "Magicians Impossible."

They perform dramatically-staged illusions with elegance and style! During their exciting presentations anything can happen. You may see illusions like "Lady & the Swords," the "Floating Spectator" or their dramatic "Instant Escape."

Audience volunteers become the stars of the show by participating in humorous skits, like the "Death-defying Card Trick."

Their unique, professional style has entertained thousands of audiences for more than  fourteen years. Rob Boyd & Jazmin can add a festive, magical atmosphere to your event.

Make your banquet or party a magical extravaganza with these exciting shows.
Rob Boyd & Jazmin
may be available for your next special event.
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Based: Arkansas

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