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How To Book LYNYRD SKYNYRD For Your Event!

Lynyrd Skynyrd may be available for your next special event!

  Lynyrd Skynyrd - booking information

  Lynyrd Skynyrd - booking information

Lynyrd Skynyrd (linn-nerd skin-nerd) has endured, despite all odds, through death and disaster, as the signature rock group of America's working people. It is no accident that any popular contemporary band that uses electric guitars owes a huge debt to Skynyrd, a debt almost always freely acknowledged. Musicians as diverse as Kid Rock, Metallica and Travis Tritt pledge allegiance to the Skynyrd sound, and a new wave of hard rocking youngsters values Lynyrd Skynyrd above all else.

  Lynyrd Skynyrd - booking information  Skynyrd's ability to constantly rekindle its creative fires following tragedy is a testament to the indomitable spirit that has surrounded the band since its inception, and has largely defined Lynyrd Skynyrd over the years. The legendary singer/songwriter Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines and vocalist Cassie Gaines died in the infamous 1977 plane crash that ended the band's initial run. Guitarist Allen Collins survived the plane crash only to suffer paralysis and, eventually, death in a tragic car accident. And most recently the band lost bassist Leon Wilkeson, who died during the making of "Vicious Cycle." Yet once again Lynyrd Skynyrd found the determination to continue working, as well as a way to perpetuate its greatness.

  1997 Lynyrd Skynyrd - booking information  Having taken over the duty of lead vocalist in 1987, Ronnie's younger brother, Johnny Van Zant, has grown into the role of fronting the band so well that Lynyrd Skynyrd has truly become the central part of his identity.

"We've hit on a combination of old style Skynyrd, with new style Skynyrd, with commercial Skynyrd," Johnny said with a laugh. "We've got that hard rockin' country thing going full blast on this one."

Lynyrd Skynyrd has always been an arsenal of determination, articulation, personality and, above all else, guitar prowess. With Gary Rossington, one of the greatest guitarists in rock history, Lynyrd Skynyrd's stellar guitar lineup also features Blackfoot's Rickey Medlocke and The Outlaws' Hughie Thomasson. Keyboardist Billy Powell contributes melodic touches that add a stark beauty to the band's sound. Drummer Michael Cartellone gives the rhythm section a thunderous kick.

  Lynyrd Skynyrd - booking information  Having come full circle through all the hardships – death, illness, departure, disagreements, exhaustion – that Lynyrd Skynyrd knows so well, they channeled their life experiences into powerful and emotive songs.

Not only focusing on tragedy and controversy, Lynyrd Skynyrd also draws on their blue collar roots for musical inspiration. They've always been known as one of the hardest working bands in history, having exploded onto the scene in the 1970's and playing approximately 300 dates each year. Lynyrd Skynyrd doesn't know how to take it easy – through any and all lumps life has offered Lynyrd Skynyrd, they have not given up or even slowed down.

Few bands have made as spectacular an entrance as did Skynyrd in 1973, and aside from their music, another distinguishing factor was Skynyrd's audience. While virtually all of the band's contemporaries were writing to a suburban people, Lynyrd Skynyrd fiercely promoted the values of its heritage, the values of America's workers. The band's hometown of Jacksonville truly was a blue collar town, and Ronnie, Donnie and Johnny Van Zant learned the value of hard work from family patriarch Lacy Van Zant. Ronnie was a master at articulating these values in Skynyrd's songs and Johnny has grown into the role so well that he's actually brought the group to another level.

"Our fans are country folks, they like the basics," Johnny explained. "They're not afraid of dirt, they know how to work with their hands. If you've got a good car and a good woman you can be happy. Life has gotten so complicated that a lot of people have lost sight of the fact that the simple things are the best things. We came from a basic family. Our father was a working man. Our mother was a housewife. We didn't live the high life. Sure, these days we buy our own cars, but we still live a basic life."

Skynyrd has always managed to balance its kickass party anthems with messages that offer solace against life's troubles and hope for a better future.

"I hope we can help some people through their bad times with our music," said Johnny. "That's what music's all about anyway."

Hit songs include --

  • Smokestack Lightning
  • Good Lovin's Hard to Find
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Keeping the Faith
  • Truck Drivin' Man
  • What's Your Name
  • Workin' for MCA
  • Swamp Music
  • Free Bird
  • Preacher Man
  • Red White and Blue
  • Saturday Night Special
  • Bring It On
  • Born To Run
  • You Got That Right
  • Double Trouble

Lynyrd Skynyrd may be available for your next special event!

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Booking Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Genre: Rock 1
   .Classic Rock. / ClassicRock
   .Southern Rock. / SouthernRock
   .Country-Rock. / CountryRock
   .Album Rock. / AlbumRock
   .Boogie Rock. / BoogieRock
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Years active
   x70s, x80s, x90s, x00s, x10s, x20s

Formed: ..in Florida / formed nFlorida
Formed: ..in Jacksonville / formed JacksonvilleFL
Formed:   in 1965

Based: ..in US
Based: ..in Florida / based nFlorida
Based: ..in Jacksonville / based JacksonvilleFL



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