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Liverpool, Tribute to the Beatles You are invited on a magical trip back to the beginning, where it all started. . . .Liverpool. No, it's not John, Paul, George and Ringo, but this show is as close as you'll ever get to a Beatles reunion. From the mop-topped hair to their Cuban-heeled leather boots, no expense has been spared to duplicate the Fab Four's stage look and equipment.

Liverpool, Beatles Tribute Band Many hours and "Hard Day's Nights" of devoted industry went into the production of this tribute to the biggest attraction the world has ever known.

An evening with Liverpool includes several costume changes and a list of songs that spans the entire Beatles era from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to "Here Comes the Sun."

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!!

For your next special occasion, treat yourself to a night of entertainment they will not soon forget. Liverpool. . .the look. . .the sound. . .the songs. . .sit back and enjoy. But be ready to dance and sing along with the lads.

Liverpool may be available for your next special event. Contact us!

What Others Say About ...

Worlds of Fun:

"Thank you for your wonderful performances at Worlds of Fun. I am very happy with the reaction of our patrons to your superb re-creation of the Beatles. As a Beatles-era high-schooler myself, I was thrilled to have the chance to hear and see "The Fab Four" in concert again.

Your attention to detail is evident in everything. Hair styles, costuming, staging, and on-stage dialogue are all as they should be."

Gary Nobel, Director of Show Productions

The Note:

"The fact the band has such a great time with the gig actually puts them over the top, recalling the cheery exuberance of the mop-tops in their live shows. The audience responded to the archetypes and presto...suspended disbelief.

You know the songs. I'll only list the ones that I didn't expect to hear: "When I Get Home," "The Night Before" and "Magical Mystery Tour". Add the 40 required tunes, a taste of Pepper and a drive down Abbey Road and what you have is a very fine retrospective, covering all the bases with style. In addition to the music, the boys have put together an impressive visual event: the right instruments, amps, drums and three costume-changes covering early, "Help" and "Pepper." Plus there's an absolutely wonderful backdrop (the cover of "A Hard Day's Night").

Sorry, Beatles-cynics – I had a great time. If the Beatles albums are the cake, then for me a well-meaning tribute like Liverpool is the icing."

Steve Wagner

The Shadow:

"Thanks so much for a fabulous show at The Shadow Friday night!!! Our customers really enjoyed the show, plus music buffs like myself were absolutely thrilled by the authentic sounds and costumes you used!

From seeing the entire show, one can imagine the hard work and effort that went into the entire presentation to make the event as authentic as it is. Liverpool is certainly a top-notch Beatle tribute and I can recommend the show to anyone! It is a show to be seen more than once!!"

Jack Hanrahan

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