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Menudo, now known as MDO, after more than two decades in existence, without a doubt has grown into a huge international sensation, and has become the greatest musical phenomenon in the history of all Latin America.

In 1977, Edgardo Díaz created an innovative musical concept totally new and totally radical. His idea consisted in creating a musical group in which members would be replaced as they reached a certain age. By doing this the group's image and sound would remain juvenile, so it can continue to appeal to a young audience through the strategic use of music, lyric and language. The result of this formula was Menudo, with skyrocketing success as the most internationally known teen-age idols for boys and girls alike.

The group has broken language barriers across the world, not only recording in Spanish, but also in English, Italian, Portuguese and Tagalo (Philippino). From that point on, incredible new possibilities have existed from the world of music, giving young, aspiring artists opportunities to be successful at an early age.

There have been more than 30 members since the group's origin, each with their own personality and style. Most of the past members have achieved great success individually in different aspects of the arts because of the positive experience and worldwide exposure.

According to North American media sources, Menudo was the first Latin American pop group to break language barriers in the United States. In the city of New York, Menudo's arrival, in essence, was compared to that of the Beatles twenty years earlier.

Menudo has recorded more than 30 albums with sales surpassing the 20 million mark. In its history, Menudo recorded in five different languages. Among their greatest hits are: "Quiero Ser," "Subete a mi Moto," "Si Tu No Estas" ("If you're not here"), "Por Amor," "Los Ultimos Heroes," "Like a Cannonball" and more recently "Yo Quiero Bailar Reggae," "Donde Esta Tu Amor," "No Puedo Olvidarme De Ti" and "Volveras a Mi" just to name a few.

The media pronounced Menudo a musical phenomenon in the United States, giving them the abundance of the media hype, through successful presentations within the major cities from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Dallas, etc. during the mid-eighties. Articles appeared in major national magazines such as: Time, Newsweek, People, etc. describing the phenomenon of Menudo.

Even the major networks have featured Menudo on their most widely viewed programs such as: "Good Morning America," "Solid Gold," "ABC's 20/20," "Entertainment Tonight," "Now It Can be Told," "Silver Spoons," and "The Love Boat." They also have participated in special programs such as "Salute to the Statue of Liberty," "Macy's Parade," and "The Grammys."

Internationally, they have participated in events in Europe and Asia, but the most impressive event was that of "Solidaridad For Colombia" where Menudo, the headlining act, shared and received the applause and warmth of more than 4 million people as they toured the streets for peace in Bogota, Colombia. By 1984, the group was appointed the International Youth Ambassadors for UNICEF and represented the organization in the spirit of peace.

Today, after more than two decades, the group continues to be one of the most popular. As the world evolved, so did Menudo. New challenges were met and in 1997 the group adopted a new name, MDO, an abbreviation of a name that went into history, Menudo. And with a new growing audience, without a doubt, they have won a place in the history of Latin American music.

Hit songs include --

  • No Puedo Olvidar
  • Te Quise Olvidar
  • Me Huele a Soledad
  • Dame un Poco Mas
  • No Puedo Olvidarme de Ti
  • Volveras a Mi
  • No Queda Nada
  • Sin Ti

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