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In a world where racism, division, and moral uncertainties are eroding the fabric of society, Helen Baylor steps forward with a message of hope, carried on a fiery-winged musical vehicle that has taken Christian music by storm.

All of Helen's albums feature several songs written and co-written by Baylor, each burning with the fire of dedication to bringing the Gospel message to those who are confused and hurting. Raised in Compton, California, Baylor has a special place in her heart for those who live in the turmoil of the inner-city. "When I was growing up, we didn't have the tension that exists today. There were more positive role models, stronger families . . . it breaks my heart to see those neighborhoods now. It's like a spirit of death and destruction has taken over those streets."

Helen Baylor - booking information It was on one of those streets in South Central L.A. that Helen Baylor gave a performance which changed the course of her life. At the tender age of 12, Helen's parents and aunts dressed her up and brought her to their favorite nightclub, convincing the owner to let her sing a song with the band. When that mighty voice cane out of that pint-size frame, the audience roared its approval and Helen was on her way to a career that included opening for the likes of

Stevie Wonder, B.B. King and Aretha Franklin, all while Helen was still in high school.

  Helen Baylor - booking information  The pressures of success began to take their toll. Landing a part in the road company of the Broadway musical Hair at 17, Helen Baylor began experimenting with drugs, in an effort to "fit-in" with the crowd. "I was the youngest person in the show, and I wanted to belong so badly," says Helen.

For 12 years, Helen Baylor enjoyed the fruits of her remarkable talent, touring with Chaka Khan and The Captain & Tennille, as well as working as a studio vocalist.

Finally, the turbulent lifestyle caught up with her. In 1981, Helen took stock of her situation and realized something had to change. "I was associating with drug dealers, shaking up with James (now her husband) and pawning nice things just to buy a $25 bag of weed. I wasn't working much anymore because my reputation as a musician was going downhill."

Helen Baylor credits the prayers of her grandmother for bringing her back to the faith of her childhood. "I'd never completely let go of the God I knew as a child, but when I was a teenager, I just didn't find Jesus very interesting. By 1981, when I went to church with my grandmother, I knew what I'd been missing. I cried at the altar, and bought a Bible. But I still dabbled in drugs and it took me a year to finally turn my life over to the Lord completely."

It was six years before Helen Baylor sang again. "I wanted to sing Gospel, I couldn't go back to secular music after what I'd been through. But God didn't open the doors until six years later not to even sing a solo in the choir!"

Helen Baylor - booking information Listening to Helen Baylor now, it's hard to imagine that she couldn't get a solo spot in the church choir. It's also tempting to wonder why she wouldn't take her pipes into the pop field. "I have a call on my life to minister the Gospel. There's nothing wrong with other people doing secular music, but I'm sold out to preach the Gospel message."

In 1993, Helen Baylor was ordained by her pastor, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price at Crenshaw Christian Center. In 1995 she received her Honorary Doctorate Degree in Sacred Music from Friends International Christian University.

Dr. Baylor is currently on the board of St. Domenics in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an outreach ministry of Higher Dimensions, where Bishop Carlton Pearson was the pastor. St. Domenics is a maternity facility, offering housing, healthcare and counsel to young unwed mothers. In addition to St. Domenics, Dr. Baylor also holds a seat on the board of Elizabeth Home in Fort Worth, Texas, a facility offering the same services. Having spent time in a similar environment as a teen, Dr., Baylor has a heart for young women finding themselves in this complicated and sensitive situation.

Now Dr. Helen Baylor ministers powerfully and under the anointing. God has gifted her to sing and minister under the anointing. She openly and candidly shares the Word of God with the same anointing. God uses Dr. Baylor greatly in the areas of healing and deliverance.

Dr. Baylor, along with her husband, takes her music and message throughout the United States and abroad, sharing the good news to those who are lost and exhorting and encouraging the Body of Christ to perfection.

Notable songs include:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Helen's Testimony
  • Victory
  • Sold Out
  • Sea of Forgetfulness
  • Look a Little Closer
  • Highly Recommended
  • Lifting Up the Name of Jesus
  • More Than a Friend
  • Worthy

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