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When JT Taylor joined Kool & the Gang, it was a step up from his former job as an amateur nightclub singer from New Jersey. Taylor was also no stranger to Kool & the Gang's music.

  J.T. Taylor - booking information  Together they released the album "Ladies' Night." Taylor's creamy voice gave the album popularity, the singles "Too Hot" and "Ladies' Night" reaching gold and platinum status. The group's change to a pop sound was raised by producer Eumir Deodato, who, starting with Ladies' Night, produced the group's next four platinum and gold albums, between 1979 and 1982. With the help of Deodato, the group's next album, "Celebrate," became one of the biggest hits of their career.

Kool & the Gang separated amicably from their producer in 1983 and decided to create their own recordings in-house. The 1983 album "In the Heart" was produced by Khalis Bayyan (Ronald Bell), Kool & the Gang and engineer Jim Bonnefond, but in all following albums, Khalis Bayyan became the group's secret production weapon. From the mid-1980s until the early 1990s Khalis Bayyan kept the sound established. However, rock guitars began to replace horns, and their sound was transformed under the power of digital technology. Bayyan called his production set-up the IBMC or Itty Bitty MIDI Committee, using MIDI computer synthesizers and mixers.

J.T. Taylor - booking information In the 1980s Bayyan produced the double-platinum "Emergency" and the gold "Forever."

The biggest change of the 1980s, however, came with the departure of lead singer JT Taylor. The vocalist, who left in 1988, reportedly departed amicably with plans to make a solo album. The gang replaced Taylor with singers/instrumentalists Sonnie "Skip" Martin and Odeen Mays, Jr. They released two studio albums, "Sweat" (1989) and "Unite" (1998). Taylor released three solo albums, produced by Khalis Bayyan and JT Taylor himself. There was big news in the summer of 1995, Taylor returned to the band and they released a new album, "State of Affairs."

The reunion tour with Kool and the Gang started in 1995 and ended in March 1999. Since that time JT has never stopped performing. He put together his own band and has been touring throughout the United States and around the World.

J.T. Taylor now performs all the hit songs he sang with Kool & the Gang including:

  • Celebration
  • Get Down on It
  • Ladies Night
  • Fresh
  • Joanna
  • Cherish
  • Too Hot
  • All I Want Is Forever
  • Heart to Heart
  • Long Hot Summer Night
  • Baby I'm Back
  • How

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