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In a world of Barbie dolls, schoolgirls, Stepford wives, sirens and sanitized-for-your-protection sex symbols, Terri Clark is a flesh-n-blood woman. She is the kind of real life gal who'll buy you a beer, let you cry on her shoulder and be the first one to give you a whoop and a high 5 when your ship comes in, your ex moves on, or that last obstacle is cleared.

Terri Clark knows it's how you do it that defines one's place in the world and for the three-time, and reigning, Canadian Country Music Association Fans' Choice Entertainer of the Year, doing it with everything you've got is where the rubber meets the road.

Terri Clark - booking information "Look, I'm not everybody's cup of tea," says the strong voiced power singer, "but I don't worry about that. My energy goes into living and the people who dig my music, because that's where the power and the joy are. You want to connect hard and that's the only way."

"Music is a vehicle to make an impact, to connect with people. Music is so powerful; you must respect it, because of what it can do. It moved me to leave Medicine Hat at 18, knowing no one and little else, for Nashville. It moves people to fall in love. It can be therapeutic or an escape from the reality of their lives. Done and listened to properly, it can be whatever people need it to be."

"Music and sex, really, are the most powerful things. There are no words to really describe how they feel. You can never Terri Clark - booking information really get enough of either and how would you live without them? You can't."

Terri Clark, a full-grown woman who's seen it, done it, played it, lost it, and loved it, gives fans unrelenting country music. When so many Music City mavens are content with bromides and two-dimensional Hallmark examinations, the deep-throated singer/songwriter/guitar slinger coaxes the nuances from the revelations of each song that change the way people thrive rather than survive.

"I'm a strong, yet vulnerable woman," she allows. "I'm very sure of what I do well and I want to be the best at what I do. And the thing I do best is pretty simple: flat-out, hardcore, pumped-up country music. That's what I was put here to do and to maybe bring some kind of deeper meaning, but not at the cost of the shoot-out-lights-aspect that we all need."

"I'm grown up now," Clark picks up. "I've always been female empowering. But now I've been married, divorced, have a successful career, a couple falters, a great family and great great friends. At this stage of the game, I'm not guessing and I'm not feeling too bad about very much which is a pretty cool feeling."

"Doing things that are hard and accepting where you are in the moment for the right reasons is the best thing," says Clark with a laugh. "We're told what we're supposed to be, then we stay in places we shouldn't be to 'look like we're leading this life,' and that's a lie. A LIE! And lying isn't living. It's a little brave to just strike out not knowing, but how're you gonna get there if you don't?"

"Hey, I'm not afraid to be a human being," she continues, shoulders back, eyes twinkling, "even if it means laughing at myself because life is pretty funny! If you take yourself too seriously, you're not gonna see the humor in it and seeing the humor in it, now that's the secret of life."

"Why limit yourself?" asks the woman who tore up country radio with her breakthrough "Better Things To Do" and a mocking take on Warren Zevon's "Poor Poor Pitiful Me," considering the big picture. "Like the old saying goes: you have one life to live different stages maybe, but you should get out there and live them all."

"My audience has to work for a living, but they also wanna live and they'll do what it takes to get there. They may make some mistakes, but they'll dust themselves off and keep going. They wanna experience everything that's out there for 'em. That's what marks the people who come to my shows: they have a lust to get everything out of life they can. And I'd like to think they do."

The hard-kicking guitar slinger realized that her place in the world was to merge probing songs that inspired people to dig deeper into their own wants and needs, while maintaining the joy in living that makes life a thrill ride.

"Every night, I play to people wearing hard hats with beer cans attached and straws running into their mouths," Clark beams. "You know they're there to party and to forget about what happened. But you also know those people are the ones who're probably most looking for a light to help 'em figure it out. I know that, because you can't believe the stories people will tell you after the shows."

Notable awards include --

  • Canadian Country Music Association
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Single of the Year, I Just Wanna Be Mad, 2003
  • Canadian Country Music Association
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Telus Fans' Choice Award, 2001
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Video of the Year, No Fear, 2001
  • Juno Awards
Best Country Female Artist, 2001
  • Platinum (U.S.)
Just The Same CD, 2001
  • Gold (U.S.)
How I Feel CD, 1999
  • Triple Platinum (Canada)
Terri Clark CD, 1998
  • Double Platinum (Canada)
Just The Same CD, 1998
  • Platinum (U.S.)
Terri Clark CD, 1997
  • Gold (U.S.)
Just The Same CD, 1997
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Entertainer of the Year, 1997
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Female Vocalist of the Year, 1997
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Album of the Year, Just The Same 1997
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Album of the Year, Terri Clark, 1996
  • Canadian Country Music Association
Song of the Year, Better Things To Do, 1996
  • TNN/Music City News
Female Star of Tomorrow, 1996
  • Country Weekly Golden Pick Awards
Favorite Female Newcomer, 1996
  • BILLBOARD Magazine
Top New Female Country Artist, 1995

Hit songs include --

  • Girls Lie Too
  • You're Easy on the Eyes
  • I Just Wanna Be Mad
  • Now That I Found You
  • Better Things to Do
  • I Wanna Do It All
  • When Boy Meets Girl
  • Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
  • If I Were You
  • Emotional Girl
  • Everytime I Cry
  • A Little Gasoline
  • She Didn't Have Time
  • I Just Wanna Be Mad
  • No Fear
  • Three Mississippi

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