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When Wade Hayes burst onto the country music scene in late 1994 with his skyrocketing debut single, "Old Enough To Know Better," he was widely touted as the genuine article – a singer, songwriter and musician who understood the rich heritage of country music.

Wade Hayes - booking information With "When The Wrong One Loves You Right," his third Columbia/DKC release, the multi-talented Oklahoma native once again delivered true country music, flavored with the rich, distinctive baritone that so easily distinguishes his voice from the ever-growing pack of new talent.

Following his first gold album, "Old Enough To Know Better," Wade rushed headlong into the whirlwind of success. The follow-up project, "On A Good Night," spurred by the chart-topping title cut, carried on that momentum.

Wade Hayes - booking information This album is indicative of a more mature artist, someone who has taken time to assess his growth, to evaluate the ever-changing world around him and to sharpen the focus on the music that has shaped his soul.

His commitment to tradition and to his continually-growing legion of fans is evidenced by his unrelenting search for the right combination of songs. And that combination, starting with "The Day That She Left Tulsa," an emotive ballad that allows Wade to stretch his vocal delivery to new limits, sets a definite tone for "When The Wrong One Loves You Right."

Wade's unique sound has been greatly shaped by his admiration of classic country entertainers, particularly Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. He frequently pays tribute to them in his concerts. "Their music means so much to me. I derived my style by listening to them, so when I perform one of their classics in my show, it's my way of paying tribute to them."

  Wade Hayes - booking information  On stage, the talented entertainer is garnering more acclaim with each performance. But then, why not, since that's where he feels most comfortable and relaxed. "I know exactly what to expect on stage...most of the time, anyway! Performing for a crowd of people who are really into the music, that's the best part of my day. My band, Wheel Hoss, is made up of my good friends but they're also there because they love the music, too."

Wade is also proud to acknowledge that his show continues to evolve. "The band and I are so in sync now that we literally glide into songs, which of course makes the show feel like it's moving a lot faster to us. Before you know it the show is over. That's a good sign to us, kinda like 'we're done already?'"

But then it's easy to be the "genuine article" on stage when you've honed your skills at an early age. At 14, Wade was playing lead guitar in his father's band five nights a week in his hometown of Bethel Acres, Oklahoma. In 1992, with years of experience behind him, Wade decided to move to Nashville with the aim of becoming some star's lead guitarist. With his one-of-a-kind voice and lanky good looks, Wade landed a steady job at a local club and later was hired by Johnny Lee to play guitar – an early dream fulfilled.

But Music Row talent scouts also took note of the versatile newcomer. Songwriter Chick Rains ("Somebody Should Leave," "Now I Know") quickly introduced Wade to producer Don Cook, Vice President of Sony ATV Tree Publishing. From that point on, the whirlwind began full force, as Wade found himself with a publishing deal and a record contract within 72 hours.

Stardom has brought Wade Hayes many rewards, including confidence. Humble, shy, soft-spoken, he's hard-pressed to talk about his accomplishments. He was stunned when his name was announced as Male Star Of Tomorrow at the 1997 TNN Music City News Country Awards. "It shocked me. I didn't know what to say because I didn't have anything prepared. I figured someone else was going to win. I was just there to enjoy the festivities."

As he evaluates his life, Wade ponders the measure of success. "My answer to that changes about every year," he says. "I think that if you're having hit songs and selling records, that's success. There are several levels of that. If I can fit in there somewhere and continue to grow as an artist, I'll feel successful. And as long as you can continue to grow personally, whatever your career is, that's success too."

Awards include --

  • TNN/Music City News Star of Tomorrow – Male 1997

Hit songs include --

  • Old Enough To Know Better
  • On a Good Night
  • I'm Still Dancin' With You
  • What I Meant to Say
  • The Day That She Left Tulsa (In a Chevy)
  • Don't Stop
  • How Do You Sleep at Night
  • Where Do I Go to Start All Over
  • Goodbye Is the Wrong Way to Go
  • It's Over My Head
  • Up North (Down Douth, Back East, Out West)
  • When the Wrong One Loves You Right
  • Wichita Lineman
  • Tore up from the Floor Up
  • How Do You Sleep at Night

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