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More potent than the high-powered hydro phonic herb that carries his namesake, homegrown Atlanta sensation Young Dro narrates his life from poverty to falling prey to dead-end recording deals to obtaining his dreams of becoming an accomplished emcee.

But even though the Southern shot caller has grown accustomed to popping tags, riding big and rocking ice, Young Dro hasn't always been the flashy, fly rapper that he is today.

Born Djuan Hart in the nefarious Bankhead Court housing project, Young Dro grew up the second oldest of his mother's five boys and somewhere amongst the middle seven of his father's 21 children. Although his mother did the best that she could to keep a roof over their heads, Young Dro spent much of his childhood drifting from one housing complex to the next. 

"I'm from every project, shawty," he remembers. "We kept getting evicted. Them folks kept putting us out. I done lived in Perry Homes, Herndon Homes, Bowen Homes, Bankhead, Summerhill, Adamsville. You can drop me off in all the spots barefoot, and I'm at home."

It was during these many moves in his teen years that he befriended the now recording artist T.I.  Neither of the two took music seriously at the time. Young Dro didn't even consider a career in music until another one of his friends, Chris 'Daddy Mack' Smith, scored platinum success as one half of early 90s duo Kris Kross.

"I always loved hip hop," Young Dro confesses. "I would just stand on the block and everybody telling me 'Boy, that was tight.' But after I saw Kris Kross, that's what really made me want to start doing music."

To make his dream a reality, he first hooked up with pioneering southern rapper Raheem the Dream in the late 90s, who at the time had Drama and D4L front man Fabo signed to his local label. By the end of 2002, Young Dro had the city ablaze with his independent hit single, "Yes Sir", and regional hit album, "I Got That Dro."

Around the same time, T.I. was prepping his debut album "I'm Serious." While the King of the South was promoting the album during a radio interview, Young Dro called the station and asked to talk to the fellow rapper.

"I was like, 'That sounds like my homeboy,'" Dro recalls. "He was like, 'You the one who sings 'Yes Sir'? Man, meet me at the Bounce.' We went up there and performed."

That reuniting of two longtime friends evolved into Young Dro signing with a major label. His label debut, "Best Thang Smokin'", reveals other sides of Young Dro, like feel good vibes.

Hits include: "Take Off",
"Rubberband Banks",
"Shoulder Lean", "FDB",
"I Don't Know Y'all".

Other notable songs include --

  • Man In The Trunk
  • We Lied
  • Gangsta
  • High Five
  • What It Is
  • It Ain't Over
  • Hear Me Cry

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