How to create a shortcut to any currently viewed web page.
(This is for the more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows.)

While viewing a Web page in Internet Explorer, you can quickly save a shortcut to that page. ---

Locate the "e" icon located on the far left side of the Internet Explorer title bar. Place your cursor over it. Click and hold your mouse left button. Drag the icon to the START button and release the mouse button.

Test the result. Click on the desktop START button. Locate and click on the new shortcut. Internet Explorer starts and loads the Web page to which the shortcut points.

While viewing a Web page in Internet Explorer, on your toolbar menu, click File > Send > Shortcut to Desktop.

To copy that shortcut to the START menu, view your Desktop and find the new shortcut. Left click on the new Desktop shortcut and hold. Drag to the START button and release. You should then have a shortcut in the START menu to the shortcut on your desktop.

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