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AntiGravity, Acrobatic Performance Troupe AntiGravity is a New York City based troupe of world-class athletes wrapped in a contemporary fine-arts package. This power-charged troupe includes Olympic competitors who together define a new "athletistry" for the millennium that is indicative of their name.

Making a precision science out of dare-devil stunts, the performers toss each other effortlessly into high aerial somersaults, tumble and bungee in synchronicity with the rhythm of the music, balance upside down while supporting one another in pyramids, and leap explosively as a cohesive dance group.

AntiGravity, Acrobatic Performance Troupe Beyond the sheer excitement of their physical expertise and chiseled muscle, this extraordinary squad brings another dimension to what they do that is different from any other group before them. They apply their athletic skills uniquely in a theatrical environment to convey a message or illustrate a theme.

Whether it is by bringing physicality to abstract concepts, actualizing custom fables or as an ensemble that energizes any environment, AntiGravity exemplifies the ultimate in strength, flexibility, balance, power and agility. The performers always give a standout performance indicative of the caliber of their combined competitive backgrounds and titles.

AntiGravity, Acrobatic Performance Troupe AntiGravity athletes are chosen from the very best the country and the world has to offer. From Russian champion Olympians to Harlem street performers, from "Cirque" trained specialists to Broadway Gypsies, AntiGravity is an urban aerial performance company. They combine world-class athletics with the artistry of circus performers in a cutting edge theatrical event, set to contemporary club music.

Their aerial performances and stunts utilize the very latest in bungee technology and custom designed rigging apparatus in a multi-media environment. This unconventional company has already proven themselves in the commercial sector via print, television and on Broadway. Their performances attract a wide variety of audiences.
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