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David Harp, professional speaker
David Harp
David Harp, Team Building, Motivational Speaker -- Harmonica

 Unique Experiential Keynotes
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David Harp, Team Building Speaker David Harp, M.A., can help transform your organization by using powerful psychological tools presented in a most unusual way.

David Harp's area of expertise combines cognitive psychology (the science of how the mind processes information) with organizational psychology. However, you will never hear him jargonizing on "the orbital area of the pre-frontal cortex" or "reframing core pre-paradigm processes." No, no, no. 

Instead...imagine this – Every single person in your group, whether an All-CEO Leadership Weekend or a Customer Rep Training Session, participating in a wildly entertaining harmonica jam session! A jam session with a crucial purpose!

Here is how it begins...David gives each participant a brand new harmonica and case, customized with your logo or message! He offers some brief but entertaining comments on self-limiting beliefs and on combining the power of mental focus with teamwork. Then, the entire group plays – within three minutes! Blues, rock or Beethoven – the choice of music is yours. And no matter what style you choose, the group sounds great!

But that's not all...With personal limits stretched wide, minds blown open, feeling bonded, exhilarated and empowered by their amazingly successful group harmony, the group is ready for the real content of the event!

David Harp isn't satisfied "just" to create unbelievably high-energy events that bond the participants and motivate them to question and transcend their personal (and group) limits. While captivating your group, he simultaneously provides them with indispensable workplace skills, in unique presentations fully customized to your specs.

Topics could be ---

  • The Creative Manager and the Creative Team
  • Leadership – From the Inside Out
  • Change Management – From the Inside Out
  • Peak Communication
  • M.O.J.O. Workin'
  • Sales – From the Inside Out
  • or ANY content to fit your needs!

David is the author of the international best-seller "The Three Minute Meditator" and more than two dozen other books!

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