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Rice & Renee

"Vivacious Virtuosos of Variety"

Rice and Renee, Comedy Variety Artists This act is a gem. It's one of the most attention-grabbing and memorable comedy teams in the business, with added musical and western attractions. People don't forget Rice & Renee (reh-nay').

They sing and yodel, juggle, play musical saw, violin and bicycle pump, and crack whips – all with lots of comedy and audience involvement.

When the duo provided entertainment at the Golden Boot Awards, Johnny Cash sought them out to congratulate them on the show. When they performed at California's Humane Society event, Kenny Loggins called the show both fun and unbelievable.

There is music, comedy and lots of variety and audience involvement. Audiences have a great time!

With all the variety and their experience, they are very adaptable and enjoy customizing their show to fill the buyer's needs. The length of the show can be as short as wanted or up to one hour.

Rice & Renee are inspiring! They are a lesson in progress. Doing so much so well exemplifies unlimited possibilities. Their enthusiasm broadens horizons and elevates ceilings. Loving what you do and doing what you love is Success. And they have it!

Rice & Renee offer to you ---

Rice and Renee, Comedy Variety Artists Rice & Renee have combined into one act the three most important elements of any show: Comedy, Action and Music. Their dream is to make your event the most successful ever!

For sheer entertainment value, it comes no better than the mother/daughter team of Rice & Renee, whose dynamic brand of comedy, music and variety arts keeps fans like Johnny Cash, Kenny Loggins, Dom Deluise and Jay Leno applauding along with mass audiences throughout the world.

Their "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" appearance drew the same raves as their shows for clients such as IBM, Honda, Ford, ARAMCO, Caterpillar, Rockwell International and Sanrio, to name but a few. They entertain corporate events and conventions, major fairs and festivals and nationally televised shows with equal aplomb. The intimacy of the act doesn't depend on the size of the room.

There is simply no way to attend a Rice & Renee (mother and daughter, respectively) performance and not get vigorously and personally involved. The energy level is somewhere around the 200% level, and the comedy is quick and fresh.

Rice and Renee, Comedy Variety Artists Rice's juggling tricks and whip skills are unequaled and her wide-eyed jokes are riotous. Renee can play it straight to Rice's zany antics as easily as she can step into center stage and wow the audience with songs, violin playing and whip tricks. In fact, as a vocalist, Renee stands among the best, with crystalline notes that hit square on the mark every time, and song styling ability well beyond her years.

Their professionalism comes from the fact that they have literally been on the road together since Joyce Rice graduated from college and became a professional entertainer. Baby Rhonda Renee was just a year old at the time, and became one of the showbiz kids who truly did grow up in the proverbial trunk.

The two have sharpened individual talents to a fine point. In addition to Rice's outstanding juggling and whip skills, she is one of the best stand-up comics on the circuit. Renee's vocal abilities have elicited top praise from critics everywhere. Her outstanding performance of the National anthem at Madison Square Garden and elsewhere, and her rendition of "Oh, Canada" for Canadian audiences have brought chills to the spines of thousands.

Great fun! Great show! Great talent! It's all there at a Rice & Renee Show!

Rice & Renee may be available for your next special event. Contact us!

What Others Say About ..
Rice & Renee

Johnny Cash:

"I really enjoyed your act. You are great!"

Jay Leno:
   NBC's "The Tonight Show"

"Very good! Very good!"

Maury Povich:

"The amazing Rice & Renee, they're terrific."

Kenny Loggins:

"Unbelievable and fun, too!"

Olivia Newton-John:

"Clever material....Great voice!"

Dom Deluise:

"Fantastic! I can't believe you did it....Funny!"

Don Rickles:

"I was afraid to do the bit, until I saw you perform. Very proficient and professional! Anytime!"

Larry Gatlin:

"These ladies are wacky and wonderful! We loved them and so did all our friends who were entertained by them at the Gatlin Brothers Theatre."

Statler Brothers:

"It was an honor to have you on our TV show. You're welcomed guests anytime."


Tulsa State Fair:

"The high degree of professionalism, sparkling personalities and genuine talent you and Renee bring to the stage do nothing but enrich a truly unique show. You captured a lot of fans in Oklahoma!"

Monte Cook

The Bailey Company:

"Our group was thrilled with Rice & Renee – obvious with all the applause. They are a commendable, exciting, talented team."

Gordon Morrow

Potlatch Company:

"Rice & Renee did a wonderful job. We had nothing but compliments on their performance."

Entertainment Director

Toronto Sportsman Show:

"Working with you was a producer's dream! Your participation elevated the performances of others to a new level of entertainment."

Darrell Komic

Annie Oakley Days:

"You have a special gift in dealing with people and charmed the crowd very quickly and totally. This was truly a 'Class Act'."

Rodney Oda


Notable Credits of ..
Rice & Renee

Notable Clients

ABC, CBS, NBC, TNN, Univision TV
Bank West
Calgary Stampede
Costa Cruises
Field Museum
Ford Motor Company
General Dynamics
Iowa State Fair
Lucent Technologies
Montgomery Ward
NGK Theatre
Outdoor Canada
Philadelphia Phillies
Showboat Casino
Silver Dollar City
Six Flags

Notable Places

All 50 States of U.S.A.
10 provinces of Canada
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Virgin Islands


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