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Sidney Friedman

"Mind Miracles for Corporate and Social Entertainment"

Sidney Friedman Sidney Friedman is a phenomenalist and master of mind power. Some claim he is "super intuitive and still others say he is "psychic." He has received the acclaim of corporate, social and celebrity clients who hire him to entertain at special events. His show of miraculous mental feats guarantee to elevate, team build and rock your audience!!!

The difference between a mentalist routine and his show, Friedman says, is that his mental feats are real, based on intuitive abilities he has developed since childhood. He first showed signs of psychic ability at age 5, when he helped his mother find her lost wedding ring. In his head he could see where it was. It was underneath her nightstand. And she found it there. He recalls that he had trouble as a child dealing with his psychic intuitions. "It was fun but a little scary," he recalled. "I think as a kid I tuned it out."

In an exciting, charming, delightful, fun and appropriate manner, Sidney Friedman demonstrates his gift for peering into the minds of men and women.

For example --

Sidney Friedman is an active composer, conductor and pianist. Eartha Kitt recorded his Christmas song "Fabu." He also composed the score for an installment of the PBS series "Treasures of the World," narrated by Bill Kurtis.

He has never considered gambling as an outlet for his mental abilities. "I'm not so good with inanimate objects like dice or numbered ping pong balls anyway," Friedman said. "I am very good at poker though, or any game where I can tell if people are bluffing." Regardless, he decided long ago not to play for money. "I don't want people getting mad at me just because I have this little advantage."

Your audience will not only applaud Sidney Friedman, but they will applaud you. He helps everyone to think in new ways. In his seminars, Friedman shows how the mind and heart can creatively achieve at a higher level! As a performer and keynote speaker he gets you away from the hackneyed routine of dinner and boring speeches by bringing you something captivating that people talk about for months to come! And, at your trade show, he will create massive crowds!

Friedman's clients include Dean Witter, McDonald's, Campbell's Soup, Quaker Oats, Grosvenor Capitol Management, Wells Fargo, Harris Bank, Helene Curtis, ABN AMRO, Motorola, NutraSweet, John Deere, Abbott Labs, Nortel, Diebold, Lockheed Martin, and hundreds more.

As seen on FOX-TV and NBC television, and praised in The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, phenomenalist Sidney Friedman presents a memorable show of the most outlandish, captivating mind miracles of our time. He has a gift of seeing your future, of intuitively knowing what you are thinking, of making the impossible possible, and of bringing a smile to your face.

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