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Miscellaneous Acts

Mentalists  |  Impressionists  |  Speakers  |  Political  |  Roasters  |  Imposters  |  Variety/Novelty/Celebrities
Performance Painters  |  Dance Companies

(mind readers, psychic performers, etc.) –
Impressionists, impersonators – To the top
Speakers, emcees To the top
  • Anthony Robbins / Tony Robbins - Motivational speaker
  • Craig Karges - Motivational Speaker, Mentalist
  • Dave Barry - Pulitzer-prize winning columnist, humorist
  • Dr. Will Miller - Team Building, Life Balance, TV personality
  • Frank King, C.S.P. - Motivational humor for the pinstripe personality, M.C., roaster, "Making a Living, Not a Difference"
  • Gary Owen - M.C., ventriloquist
  • Gregg Chelew - M.C. as "Gregg Letterhead, David Letterman Look-alike"
  • Jon Stewart - host of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
  • Joy Behar - co-host of ABC's "The View"
  • Kathy Buckley - Hearing-impaired motivational speaker, comedienne
  • Keith Matheny - Motivational Speaker, Mentalist
  • Lily Tomlin - hilarious characterizations, versatile performer
  • Linda Ellerbee - outspoken journalist, award-winning television producer, best-selling author, one of the most sought-after speakers in America, a breast cancer survivor
  • Magic Johnson / Earvin "Magic" Johnson - ex-basketball player
  • Marcia Wieder - motivational speaker
  • Margaret Cho - controversial star who has emerged from drug and alcohol abuse clean, sober and more confident
  • Marshall Goldsmith - Motivation, Communication, Positive Executive Change in Behavior, Executive Development
  • Martin Short - Saturday Night Live alumni, star of "Primetime Glick"
  • Passing Zone
    - Keynote Speakers, teamwork, balancing life's demands
  • Pat Simpson - host of HGTV's "Before & After"
  • Paul Williams - singer/songwriter/actor
  • Robert Townsend - Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Director
  • Wayne Brady - Emmy Award winner who has an uncanny ability to act, sing, dance and make audiences laugh

Speakers, political

To the top
Comedy Roasters / Roastmasters
To poke gentle fun at guest of honor.
To the top

Hoax (imposter) speakers
Sounding like experts, but actually without a clue.

To the top

Variety, Novelty, Specialty, Celebrities To the top

Performing Painters / Action Painters

  • Brian Olsen
        - Action Painter, Performance Painter, "Art in Action"
  • Dan Dunn
        - Action Painter, Performance Painter, "PaintJam"
  • David Garibaldi
        - Action Painter, "Rhythm and Hue"
  • Michael Israel
        - 3-D Art Performer (Action Painter)
  • Rachel Kice
        - Performance Painter (Action Painter)

Dance Crews / Dance Troupes –

  • JabbaWockeez (Hip Hop Dance Crew)
      "America's Best Dance Crew" winner

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