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Joe Malarkey
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"The Worst Motivational Speaker in America!™"

Joe Malarkey - Motivational Speaker Joe Malarkey, a.k.a. comedian George Campbell, looks like every other professional speaker – for about five seconds. Then he proceeds to take every trusted formula, good idea and motivational classic and turn them inside-out.

Joe Malarkey is best described as a man very excited about some extremely bad ideas. During the course of the program, Malarkey touches on affirmations, goal setting, subliminal tapes, relationship skills and dress for success techniques. Each subject is treated to Joe's upside-down "Choose to Lose" viewpoint.

It is absolutely fresh, totally unique and audiences love it!

The "Choose to Lose" program provides a funny, unexpected change-of-pace. It is the perfect choice for corporate seminars, awards dinners, sales meetings and professional training sessions. The presentation crests as Joe takes the audience full circle and leaves them with a strong, positive message of overcoming fear with humor.

This is one of the funniest, freshest business humorists in America. He uses all original material – no passed around stories or recycled jokes. He leaves an audience charged, energetic and enthusiastic.

George Campbell (Joe Malarkey) is a veteran stand-up comedian with more than ten years of performance experience in comedy clubs, on television and on corporate stages.
Joe Malarkey
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