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Mark Stone

"Breaking Through the Thought Barrier"

Mark Stone and his "Miracles of the Mind" Show will take you on an entertaining journey into the fascinating world of E.S.P.   His phenomenal abilities have been featured on "The Tonight Show," "The Chevy Chase Show" and many other television programs across the country.

This is an entertaining show that ---

  • Is a fun and thought-provoking experience.
  • Uses lots of audience participation.
  • Is suitable for audiences of any size.
  • Is affordable.
  • Can be tailored to the audience.
  • Is a class act performed in a professional manner.
  • Can develop instant rapport with the audience.
  • Guarantees satisfaction.
  • Will cause attendees to shower you with compliments for your smart choice.

Mark Stone never fails to astound his audience with his ability to capture their innermost thoughts – to "read their minds!!" There is not a dull moment in the show as he demonstrates his extraordinary abilities to "read minds," make predictions, "read" with his fingertips while blindfolded, etc.

You will not believe the amazing things that he can do and the fun that everyone has while watching and participating in this fascinating and entertaining show.

Here are just a few demonstrations that may be included ---

  • An audience member thinks of a name and address freely chosen from one of several big city phone books. Mark "reads" the person's mind and reveals the very name and address of the mentally-thought-of name. Amazing!
  • A person selected from the audience makes a drawing of anything he would like, not letting Mark see what he has drawn. The participant concentrates on his drawing and Mark accurately duplicates it! Mind-boggling!
  • All of the audience members think of anything they would like to think about. Mark spellbinds everyone as he goes around the room and uncannily reveals the thoughts that only moments before were locked inside their minds! Remarkable!

Mark Stone's show is professionally and tastefully presented with no risk of embarrassment to any audience member. It is a thoroughly entertaining presentation that is good, clean fun that every audience member will long remember!
Mark Stone
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