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Pat Rick
"Bill Clinton"
Pat Rick as Bill Clinton -- Seal of a Resident of the United States

"The Counterfeit Bill"

Pat Rick as Bill Clinton with Teresa Barnwell as Hillary Clinton

Theresa Barnwell and Pat Rick
as "The First Couple"

With an uncanny resemblance, Pat Rick is in demand as a "Bill Clinton" double in television, films, corporate meetings, political fund raisers and comedy clubs. Pat has gone beyond the "look-alike" serendipity and has nursed his fate into the best presidential impersonator available today!

To compliment his natural talents, Pat has had training and experience in stand-up comedy, voice-over for animation, commercials, narration and dialect coaching from Hollywood's well known "Dialect Doctor," Robert Easton. The combination of the look and the voice makes Pat extremely effective.

Pat Rick as Bill Clinton impersonator The East Texas native finds the Clinton speech patterns and dialect come to him naturally. Pat says, "I've spent a lifetime trying to bury my hometown accent but now they pay me to resurrect it." The Los Angeles Times said of Pat, "Like the President himself, Rick's Bill Clinton is a work in progress and, following the inauguration, he'll be taking notes."

A boost to Pat and his career came during the first Presidential Inauguration. The Inaugural Ball at George Washington University booked Pat to speak and play his "Safe Sax." The Washington Post reported G.W.U. saying, "The closest thing we've got to Clinton was a mimic, Pat Rick, who took the microphone and said, 'It's great to be back at my alma mater – oh excuse me, this is George Washington.'"

Bob Saget and the television program, "America's Funniest Home Videos," had Pat open their show as the new President. The movie "Batman Returns," spoofed by a production of television's "Hard Copy" entitled, "Bushman Returns," featured Pat as Clinton suffering the torments of Cat Woman-Hillary.

Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, co-stars of television's "Full House," had Pat join them in their video for children, "No One Tells The President What To Do," listed by Billboard magazine as a number one top music video. Pat also enjoys 'guest star' credits on CBS's "Murphy Brown."

The "pseudo-prez" can be seen and heard in his film debut, the satire, "Silence Of The Hams" with Shelley Winters, Phyllis Diller, Charlene Tilton and Dom Deluise. Released with Pat Rick as Clinton is, "Michael Kael In Katango," a French film production with Victoria Principal, Mickey Rooney, Elliot Gould and William Atherton.

Entertainment Weekly called Pat "The Counterfeit Bill – a real-life parallel to the faux-presidential protagonist of Dave (the movie)." The Playboy Channel had Pat plug their "tax day" free preview. Following a warm-up by Newt Gingrich and a "State of the Union" address for the Republican Lincoln Society of Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News said of Pat, "A Clinton impersonator brought down the house with comments about wanting to put the Gennifer Flowers thing to bed once and for all, and preferring bottled beer to the draft."

"I spend a lot of time hiding in kitchens or, in the case of a Who's Who of oil executives retreat in Texas, hunkered down in the middle of a German oom-pah band until I was exposed as the saxophone playing politician," says Pat of his often offbeat and surprise assignments.

Pat Rick goes out of his way to provide his clients with their money's worth. Walter Bortz, Vice President of George Washington University said, "Your research on campus definitely paid off and made your 'presidential appearance' all the more special for our guests. You will, no doubt, have a place in many a scrapbook of inaugural memories!"

In a recent article, The Washington Post Magazine said "Rick doesn't just look like the president, he sounds like him, too!"
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