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Thomas D. Herod

from the nation's premier trainer on
safety, health and environmental topics
"Safety and Environmental Training That's Fun"

Tom "Toxic" Herod has been delivering thought provoking, informative, and entertaining presentations on worker safety & health, environmental responsibility, hazardous waste management, liability limitation, and regulatory compliance since 1986 (when he had hair).

Tom is acclaimed as the 'Covert Bailey' (PBS series 'Fit or Fat') of the environmental industry – his unique and engaging presentations having received rave reviews from thousands of seminar participants.

As a professional OSHA, EPA, DOT and ISO consultant, Tom Herod provides training services to a broad range of industries and trade associations. He authors a monthly "Environmental Update" column for a trade association representing companies that make and distribute 'environmentally sensitive' consumer and industrial products.

Often the featured speaker at trade association conferences, Herod enjoyed a multiyear contract with the American Management Association to develop, design and present a series of one and two day workshops attended by more than 15,000 people in 82 cities.

T.D. Herod studied Mechanical Engineering Technology at Marshall University and Industrial Hygiene & Toxicology at Northeastern University. 

As the Corporate Manager - Customer Compliance Training at a large international hazardous waste recycling and disposal firm, Tom Herod was instrumental in development and delivery of 300 seminars per year. He also groomed the technical and public speaking skills of seminar leaders.

In 1998, he attained provisional auditor status to perform conformance training and audits under the international quality systems (ISO 9000) and environmental management systems (ISO 14000 EMS) standards.
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T.D. Herod book: "Hazardous Materials Management Under OSHA, EPA and DOT"   Buy this book: "Hazardous Materials Management Under OSHA, EPA and DOT"  (1994)

T.D. Herod book: "How To Reduce Hazardous Waste Liability"   Buy this book: "How To Reduce Hazardous Waste Liability: A Risk Reduction Guide for Hazardous Waste Generators"  (1990)

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