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Team Trivia
Team Trivia host Doug Grunther

Okay, Okay. You have this demanding group of people (large or small) and you need to "WOW!" them somehow with a neat teambuilding event. Here's a team event that will leave them gasping for air between cheers and laughs.

Team Trivia - Here's how it works…

The audience is seated at tables. Each table is a team.
After each question is asked, audience members huddle together, decide on an answer, and the captain writes it down on the official Team Trivia score sheet. Everyone is totally involved.

In between the rounds, volunteers compete in "Movie Tag Team Trivia" and other specially designed formats.

Scores are tallied, winners determined, and everyone celebrates!

Prior to the event, host Doug Grunther consults with you to ensure some of the trivia questions relate specifically to your group. 

Team Trivia has minimal set-up costs and can be adapted to fit the particular needs of your company, organization or special event.

Doug Grunther, creator and host of Team Trivia, graduated with a degree in philosophy from Columbia University in 1972. After becoming the host of the popular radio talk show "Conversations," Doug created and hosted the East Coast Trivia Championships in 1982, and he continues to create and host successful Trivia events (including Team Trivia) around the country.

Prior to the start of Team Trivia (his corporate-oriented Trivia event), host Doug Grunther works with you to ensure that some of his questions relate specifically to your organization.  The audience is divided into teams. Everyone is totally involved. Teamwork and Communication become key skills as the questions get more challenging and point values increase.

While the team scores are being tabulated, Doug presents "Tag Team Trivia," "Stump the Audience," and other formats where audience members get to show off their knowledge and become stars of the show.  The Team Trivia program ultimately can be adapted to fit your particular needs.
Team Trivia
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