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Teresa Barnwell, as Hillary Rodham Clinton
Teresa Barnwell
"Hillary Rodham Clinton"
Teresa Barnwell, as Hillary Rodham Clinton

Teresa Barnwell, as Hillary Rodham Clinton, with Jay Leno
Teresa Barnwell 
and Jay Leno,
host of NBC's
the Tonight Show.

Teresa Barnwell is America's best known and most recognized Hillary Clinton impersonator. Since 1993, her uncanny resemblance to the First Lady has taken her all over the United States, having made hundreds of personal appearances to surprise, entertain, and delight thousands of people.

Teresa Barnwell as The First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Charles Shaunessy, Fran Dresher, 
and Tim Watters
on the set of "The Nanny"
with Teresa as "the First Lady."

Teresa has also worked in Europe as a part of a promotional tour for a furniture chain in The Netherlands, and has appeared in commercials in Sweden and on a late night television show in Ireland. She has more than thirty appearances to date on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," as well as a wide variety of cameo shots on talk shows, TV sitcoms and music videos.

Teresa has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles and was recently featured in the Hollywood Reporter. She has worked with a variety of celebrities and politicians such as Colin Powell, Leslie Nielsen, Phil Hartman, Bob Eubanks, Rip Taylor, Leeza Gibbons, Jenny Jones, Fran Drescher, Master P, and Nicholas Graham of Joe Boxer fame.

Her work as Hillary Clinton has paired Teresa with most of the Clinton impersonators on the circuit today. Hiring this "Hillary Double" along with Tim Watters, "Mr. President" or Pat Rick "The Counterfeit Bill", will make a surprising and delightful addition to your special event – one your guests will long remember!
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 Teresa Barnwell as Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton

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