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Andy Hickman

"The Magic of the Future is You!"

Andy Hickman's RoseProfessional speaker and author Andy Hickman believes in magic...however the magic he believes in is not found in the illusions he's found inside each person in his audience. Andy believes that we can have magic in our future if we are willing to take personal responsibility for it! Andy says, "Our future will be based on only two things: the choices that we make and the commitments that we honor."

Andy Hickman has been a professional speaker for more than eight years and was awarded the CSP Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association.

Prior to becoming a speaker, Andy owned and operated three businesses at the same time: a real estate development company that built multifamily residential units, a property management company to manage these properties, and a mortgage company to finance property sales.

Andy's background in the business world has helped him in developing keynote and breakout sessions that will not only affect attendees in their work environment, but also encourage them to examine what is truly important in their personal lives. Some of his thoughts are conveyed in his book titled, "Stuff That REALLY Matters!"

As a professional magician/illusionist, he has frequently worked with David Copperfield's "Project Magic."  He uses his skills as a magician to illustrate important points in his presentation, concluding each program in a final celebration with his famous "Rose Illusion." With the aid of a lady from the audience, he will transform an ordinary piece of paper into a real, live rose. This illusion illustrates how we too can be changed when we commit ourselves to the noble mission of becoming a hero for others.

He feels his greatest personal honor was being invited to deliver the Keynote Address to the survivors of the Oklahoma bombing. In addition to entertaining these brave people, Andy brought them a message of hope and renewal.

Here is how Andy will "Wow" your audience . . . . .

1. Humor – Andy uses only good, clean humor. In fact, he's so clean, you could eat a meal right off his forehead!

2. Illusions – What can we say? It's incredible!! Andy's "magic" has allowed him to work with David Copperfield's "Project Magic." He will use lots of audience participation to create an astonishing experience that your people will never forget. You'll be asking, "How did he do that?"

3. What is the message? – Andy will separate illusion from reality and reveal to your people how they can be true HEROES for others. If there is to be magic in their future, then they must be willing to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for it. Andy says that the future for each of us will be based on only two things...."The choices we make and the commitments that we honor."

4. Benefits of hearing Andy's message – His message will give your people compelling reasons to actually use the information they have gained, or will gain, at your conference. They will leave the presentation with more joy, a better perspective on themselves, confidently embracing the challenges of change, and destined for a most magical future indeed!

5. TopicsAndy Hickman's message covers the topics of Customer Service, Change, Motivation and the Future!

6. The Grand Finale! – As a final celebration, with the aid of a lady from the audience, Andy will transform an ordinary piece of paper into a real, live rose, illustrating how we, too, can be changed when we commit ourselves to the noble mission of becoming a HERO for others.

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